Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vancouver Fashion Week 2010

Let me preface this post by saying that I LOVE fashion. I die for it, literally, like almost. Fashion is an art, it's the art of self expression. 
I was invited to attend the opening Gala for the 10th Anniversary of Vancouver's Fashion Week. I attended this swanky soiree with @AndyKaruza @CharlesKoh and a friend of their's Kenny, they were kind enough to invite me along and allow me to oh and ah and even drool a little (well not really) over clothes. When offered the option to travel to a foreign country (yes, yes I know it's only Canada but still a different country!), marvel over the beauty and creativity that is fashion, dress up and be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people, I can't say no to that! The Gala was held at the magnificent Fairmont Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Walking into the ballroom I immediately fell in love, beautiful people, beautiful shoes, beautiful clothes, I was in Heaven. A few observations I noted while mingling with other fellow lovers of fashion were that many women carried Chanel handbags, wore Louboutin heels, had fur coats, girls wore tights, and many men wore bow ties, suits and scarves. I also noticed a lot of women in velvet dresses, harem pants and saw lots of red lipstick!
Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off last night 11/2 and goes through Sunday 11/7. 
"What is Vancouver Fashion Week?
Vancouver Fashion Week is recognized as a global platform for established and upcoming designers. Since its debut in 2000, Vancouver Fashion Week has become a much sought-after event for Canadian and International designers. VFW has gained a respectable reputation from its ability to showcase the fashion industry and accommodate multicultural designers successfully. Hailed as the West Coast's most prestigious industry event, Vancouver Fashion Week is committed to fostering the growth of designers and celebrating the fashion industry."
Andy, Myself and Kenny 
Kit Carson from The Beat 94.5
Charles and Andy
All of the designers featured in VFW 2010 bring with them unique and jaw-dropping elements of appeal. From swimsuits to suits, polished and modern designs by Sarah Runnalls, to eco-friendly designs like Nate Organics, dresses to feathers and horns, I can only imagine that each of the featured designers shows are going to kick butt.
The model in the middle, in the tan coat was by far my favorite model. He was SO incredibly handsome, I may or may not have been a little weak in the knees. 
The End.

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