Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Team up for Nonprofits

As I have written in other posts and in my bio, I think it is important to give back to the community in some way. Helping others is not only gratifying and helps you feel like a better person but it's the right thing to do. Last week I had the pleasure of connecting with Ryan Hodgson "in real life", he is the founder of a great organization called Team up for Nonprofits. We met at Starbucks, of course and got to chat about Team Up and all the neat things that social media is doing these days. It's always fun to meet with other great people from Twitter! Getting to visit with Ryan and hearing how passionate he is about the organization was very inspiring. Team Up is such a cool organization because it combines two awesome elements, music and charity, essentially you purchase tickets to hear great music and then that money is donated to the non-profits. It's a win/win! So, if you're interested in giving back and getting involved I would say Team Up is a great Seattle organization to look into.
"Team Up for Nonprofits was founded in 2009 by event producer Ryan Hodgson and a group of industry friends and colleagues, with the aim of supporting Seattle nonprofits with event production and fund raising. The team saw well-produced music events as a way for nonprofits to raise funds and generate awareness, that would be accessible to multiple generations—and promote meaningful giving. It seemed natural that two of Seattle’s strengths, music and philanthropy, should join forces to provide a solution.

Team Up for Nonprofits’ mission is to build capacity for nonprofit organizations by cultivating a new generation of engaged supporters through the power of music and social media."

You can connect with Team Up a few different ways

I know that I plan on getting involved so maybe you should too! They have some really exciting things coming in 2011 so stay tuned!

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