Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somebody call me a Doctor because I have Bieber Fever

My name is Mollie and I have Bieber Fever. 

You heard me, I have Bieber Fever. The phenomenon that is Justin Bieber was in Vancouver BC, he made a stop in Vancity on his My World Tour. Naturally Katia and I had to go. We love him and his music. He has an incredible voice and sure knows how to charm the heck out of a crowd. I received A LOT of grief for going, but I don't care in the least. I've been to a lot of concerts before and never seen anything like what I saw that night. People were going crazy! I had the best time, he performed my favorite song "U Smile" and I died. How could I not enjoy listening to great music and bonding with Katia? 

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