Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sunday night I was given the opportunity to be #MollieontheRadio, for those of you unfamiliar with the number sign I just posted it's a Twitter thing called a hastag! I was invited to be a guest co-host on The FHR Radio Show on Hot Jamz Radio 94.5 or 88.9. It was truly an awesome experience! I made sure to come prepared with a venti mint tea from Starbucks of course with a little honey, water and a positive attitude! Pretty much what ended up happening was I danced and sang around the studio all afternoon, I had fun. I loved being being behind the mic, chatting and talking about topics I have blogged about. My co-host Mario was super awesome and very helpful in making my radio debut go smoothly. We covered topics from dating to fun events coming up in Seattle, we even got some calls! So it was really exciting to not only talk about what I was interested in, but to hear other people's feedback and thoughts! The show went so well, I'm thrilled to tell you that I have been asked to be a more regular contributor! I absolutely cannot wait to get back in the studio and talk more! I'm coming up with some more fun and interesting topics to bring to the table, and there are a lot of exciting things coming up on The FHR show, so you're going to want to make sure you tune in Sunday 3-7pm, so I hope you'll listen. I mean you get to listen to great music, join in some great conversation AND you can get FREE stuff!
In case you missed the show on Sunday we discussed some interesting topics like...
  • Why women feel the need to falsely advertise themselves
  • Why nice guys finish last
  • AND we talked about the infamous and soon to come date of December 11, which is one of the two highest dates in the entire calendar year that break ups happen! Seriously, a study was conducted and it's two weeks before Christmas, and right before spring break that the most break ups happen. So if you're in a relationship beware, break up season is upon us.

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