Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mollie Loves: thinknow

Mollie Loves: thinknow
Remember how I'm a Gemini? Well with that said, I love conversing, networking and meeting people. Part of why I started my blog, was to share with you or anyone who was interested to read, things that I love. Whether it's a shampoo, lip gloss, or in this case jewelry.

World, I would like to introduce you to Think Now Design- an eco-chic way to express your fashion fabulous-ness through jewelry. Think Now was created back in February of 2009, what I love about their designs is that not only are they beautiful and practical for every day wear, but it's elegant, simple and classy. Three words that I think are very positive to be associated with, right? The other fantastic quality about Think Now is their commitment to being green and sustainable. The jewelry is made with all sustainable and green materials, that are so environmentally friendly, get ready for it, this is what impresses me the most, is that if you were to lose the jewelry say you dropped them in the ground on accident (which of course would be very sad and you wouldn't actually want to) but if you did, they're bio-degradable. Think Now products are made from 100% natural materials and water-based adhesives. All wood products are sourced from managed growth forests, and their products are sealed with beeswax and linseed oil. How fabulous is that? Wear their jewelry, look fashion forward and support the world. It's a win/win.
Rebecca Luong is the eco-chick and designer of Think Now, she is an accredited design professional committed to leadership in the green design community, and exploring the fusion of hospitality, fashion, and sustainable lifestyles. All of these designs are from right here in Seattle!

So, if you're looking to make a bold statement, tell the world you love it and support it, and show everyone how fashionable you really are, you'll consider checking out Think Now. At least one pair should live in the jewelry box of every fashionable lady. I'll tell you that I've worn my Honey Drop pink earrings and Tear Drop Bangles several times and have received many compliments on them. I know that you can find Think Now's designs at a couple different locations in the Seattle area, the Capitol Hill (one of my most favorite Seattle neighborhoods) boutique of Spun Sustainable Collective, and Winslow Salon in Kirkland for those of you on the Eastside of the city! 

To learn more about Think Now and its collections, check them out online wearthinknow.com, or on their Facebook! Be sure to like Think Now on Facebook and enter their awesome giveaway on their website- it's a great way to kick off the holiday season! Think Now is 'gifting away' three weekly gift certificates for 50% off THINKNOW. Enter to win and you will also be eligible for our Grand Prize give-away of a THINKNOW earring + necklace set for your fabulous holiday parties- can't go wrong with that! I know I'm going to enter! Their first drawing is coming up, 11/26, so hurry up and get entered!

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