Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls Weekend part deux

This past weekend I had the privilege of getting to spend time with some of my best and most favorite gal pals! We had a girls night last month, and decided to rendezvous downtown in Seattle for girl's night part deux. I have to say I have incredible/awesome friends, every fashionable, lady, girl, should have gal pals, as girl time is crucial in maintaining sanity and having fun. I mean you can't gossip about boys, boyfriends, relationships, clothes, or celebrities with guys, come on now! I was the first to arrive at our hotel, so while I waited for everyone else to get there, I decided to walk around downtown some, I stopped at Starbucks (duh right?) picked up my venti vanilla latte and then made my way over to some amazing windows near the Fairmont, I think you know where I'm talking about right? I drooled over the gowns at Luly Yang, their windows right now are amazing!
As we all arrived, we collected ourselves, got ready and made our way down to where else? Contour of course, I had to introduce my friends to the most amazing mac & cheese/happy hour ever! Contour was so great to us, we were seated in a comfy booth and enjoyed wonderful conversation, food and wine! After dinner it was time to get dolled up and paint the town red. I cherish every moment I get to spend with my friends, each one of them is amazing, fabulous and inspiring.

Now about where we or I chose to have us stay. I was really torn about where to stay, because I wanted the night to be the best and most memorable ever. A couple years ago we all stayed at the Hotel Monaco downtown and our stay there was a dream. The Monaco went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable, happy and had everything we needed. This time however, I chose to have us stay at the W downtown. I don't really even know why now, I guess I thought I heard from people that it was nice, unfortunately my experience was quite the opposite. My stay with them from the get go was less than ideal, I walked into the lobby with two big bags on my arm, my purse and my lap top bag in hand, in heels mind you, so I'm juggling a ton of bags, hoping that I wouldn't fall over. Post check in I was pointed in the direction of the elevators, and assumed that I would be helped to my room, boy was I wrong. No one helped me carry my bags- I was so sad. I won't get into the gory details, but I will say that I have no desire to ever return to that establishment ever again. In the W's defense they did send us up a nice little wine and cheese spread on Friday, and I did get a call from them on Monday. So I appreciated that effort.

In other happy news, it's the weekend! Friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous and fun weekend.


  1. can i please have the feathered red mini?! it totally reminds me of Scarlett's dress when she goes to Ashley's birthday party.. ahhhh

  2. You are so fabulous and I live vicariously through you!

    your pseudo-midwestern-once-fabulous-but-now-boring-big-sister

  3. Wow I'm so sorry about your terrible experience at the W, note to self not to stay there :( hope you still have fun with your girls though!!


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