Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CRAVEseattle Book Launch

Ashley Jones owner Popcorn Pavilion-  CRAVE Book Launch Party from the CRAVEcompany on Vimeo.

I have the honor and privilege to know the fine ladies of CRAVE. Sunday night was the big launch of the 4th edition of their CRAVEseattle book. The swanky event took place at the new Dish it up! in Ballard, the night was so very inspiring and exciting. Never before had I thought about starting my own business, but after that night I left feeling as though the world was at my fingertips. It was incredible to talk with so many amazing and successful business women! I also had the chance to chat with some of CRAVE's Entreprenesses and pick their brains a little. I asked them questions like, "How would you describe your business in three words?" or "What advice would you give to other women who are starting their own business?", and "What is the most inspiring thing you've heard tonight?" It was fun getting to hear everyone's responses! I took note and walked away with what I feel was great advice. I think what stuck with me the most was that I should never give up!

Be Truly You - CRAVE Seattle Book Launch Party from the CRAVEcompany on Vimeo.

CRAVE Seattle 4th ed Book Launch  - Sydney Chavez - Business Tip from the CRAVEcompany on Vimeo.

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