Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mollie in Atlanta

@MollieinAtlanta how does that sound?  It fits right? Last week I had the opportunity to travel for work down to Atlanta, Georgia. So I got to be Mollie in Atlanta for a weekend. I'm really fortunate in that I have a fun job that does allow me to travel every now and then. Atlanta by far has been my favorite trip! I knew I was going to fall in love with the south even before I got there. Everyone (friends, family and Twitter friends) warned me that I was going to love it. And they were right. People there are friendly, nice, and polite, chivalry does exist in south! I loved hearing people's accents and admiring the beautiful weather and sunshine. I was called many things, like "darlin'" "suga" "honey" "sweetheart" etc etc. People just don't say those things in Seattle. I guess it's because maybe here people take offense to it? I don't know? Anyway, in Atlanta hardly did I have to open my door to anything or pull my chair out to sit down or get up. I loved it. Oh and should I mention that it was conveniently spa week last week in Atlanta? So there were all kinds of specials on spa services. You better believe that I capitalized on that! I never say no to a day or afternoon at the spa.

While I was there I was told to check out a few places, one of which was the Georgia Aquarium. Interestingly enough if you didn't already know, the Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the whole world! Can you believe that? They have a huge tank big enough to house two whole whale sharks. Bananas I tell you!
My hotel was downtown Atlanta, I stayed at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center. The hotel was great, the location was perfect, near great restaurants like McCormicks and Shmicks and Ruth's Chris, and The World of Coke.
 I stayed on the top floor in their north tower that had a lovely view of Centennial Park. Since I was in CNN Center it was only fitting to take the CNN Studio Tour. For those of you that aren't aware I have a big interest in Journalism especially broadcast (hence my bio) so naturally thought it appropriate to take advantage on being in the same building as CNN. Atlanta is their world headquarters, they employ over 3,000 people in that building. Cool huh?
No trip or weekend would be a #Molliein- 'where I am at that moment' kind of weekend without a little bit of shopping thrown in the mix. I took The Marta, Atlanta's public transportation system down to Lenox Square Mall. I died there basically, they had everything from Victoria's Secret, David Yurman, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Burberry. I ended up in Burberry, met one of their amazing associates Karl, who helped me pick out a new purse. It's a nice big shopper that will fit everything I need into it, it even came with a clutch, perfect for going out! I've written a couple times about Burberry and how timeless and elegant I believe their brand to be, so it only made sense to welcome one of their purses into my life. 

In sum, the trip was amazing, I got to shop, relax, sight see, meet new people, eat great food, and schmooze. Atlanta and the south left me so smitten that I may have requested information on graduate programs down there. Visiting CNN, sitting at a news desk and checking out their studios was quite inspiring.


  1. MOLS youre so cute I miss you! Hey enter my blog giveaway

  2. Thanks love! I will for sure! How are you? Miss you! xx


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