Friday, October 1, 2010

How to be a supportive significant other during football season

We all know that as soon as September rolls around its the beginning of football season. That means Saturdays and Sundays for most men are set aside for watching other men run back and forth across a field with what some people might call, a "pig skin". Some women moan and groan about how much they hate it because their man can kind of be non-existent for the next few months, and others just embrace it. I think embracing it is the better way to go, its important to be a supportive significant other, whether it be in attending their softball games and cheering on the sidelines, helping him pick out the right tie for his big job interview or supporting him in his obsession with football. I mean come on, football really is only a few months out of the whole year, let him have his time and if he's a good guy he'll repay you in some other way, maybe holding your purse for you while you try on the newest pair of Louboutin's at Mario's or looking for the right dress to wear to dinner at Nordstrom, it's called compromise people.
There are a ways to be a supportive significant other when it comes to the subject of football. You should see how your significant other views watching football, some guys view it as "man time" and they just want to crack open a beer and watch the game with their buddies. Make sure that if he sees it as guy time, let him have it. There really is no fun in being the only girl in a room of six men yelling at their TV because someone intercepted a pass. To me at least, that sounds like zero fun. Some women may operate on the idea that if you can't beat them, join them, which in that case again make sure it's ok. Picking his team to root for or even picking the rivaling team might be fun, as it creates a little bit of friendly compeition. If you decide to "join them" you should probably make sure you're educated and aware of the basics. Know what the offense is, defense, how touchdowns work, what a penalty is, a fumble etc. You want to make sure that if you're going to sit there and enjoy the game, you have a general idea as to what is going on. Know some of the players, their positions, and if you want to get really ambitions some of their stats and schedule. It never hurts to even get a little festive, put on a jersey, you'll feel more in tune with the game!
Football basics
  1. There are two teams in a game of football. Offense is when a team has the ball and is trying to score. Defense is when a team is trying to stop the other team from scoring points.
  2. The object of the game is for a team to outscore the opposing team. This is done by way of scoring touchdowns, and field goals. Touchdowns are worth six points. Field goals are worth three points.
  3. A fooball field is 100 yards long and 160 feet wide. There is a marked horizontal stripe in the middle of the football field that marks the center, which is the 50 yard line. There are also stripes horizontally set across the field every five yards.
  4. Downs are basically plays or tries to attempt to move the ball downfield toward your goal. When a team is on offense, they are allotted four downs or tries basically to move forward ten yards. If they make the ten yards within the four downs or tries, they are given a new set of four downs. This is called getting a first down, this is what you want! The closer you are to the endzone the better your chances of scoring a touchdown.
So now that you have the very basics on football, I know I didn't cover it all so please know that this isn't everything. But with those things being touched on, probably the best thing you could do to be a supportive significant other during football, is to prepare a spread for your guy, throw some beers in the fridge, put out some chips and dip, wings, burgers, napkins of course too and maybe some kind of sweet like a tray of cookies. When I say put out a spread of stuff I certainly don't mean to wait on he and his friends hand and foot, but you can leave things out, kiss him goodbye, tell him to enjoy and leave for the spa or Nordstrom. Compromise and understanding is basically key- be cool, know that football isn't year round. I'm sure there are a lot of things you do that he doesn't understand either, like listening to Katy Perry or watching Twilight. 

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