Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashion Network Seattle Launch

Fashion Network Seattle is a leading source for all things fashion in the Seattle area. What they do is help promote everything pertaining to fashion, be it photographers, local designers, models or local fashion boutiques in the city. I first became acquainted with them when I met one of their writers Samrah at a Girl Power Hour event for Report Shoes a while back. Their launch was last week in Sodo at a really neat industrial type building (I was impressed with the space very much). Waiting to be walked on was a blue carpet and photographer ready to snap your photo upon entry into the event. Inside there was music, good looking people and beautiful models! There were also mannequins on display with different pieces by local designers. Available to quench our thirst was a nice selection of beverages, Girly Girl Wines, Neuro Water and even a signature cocktail for the evening. I personally love Neuro Water, especially Aqua and Sonic. 
The night was fabulous, how could I not enjoy an evening of fashion in Seattle? The night was even more special because I got to spend it with Katia! 

Definitely the highlight of my evening was meeting Edward. As Katia and I were getting ready to leave, this tall and dapper man walked passed me, I quickly noticed that he was in a black fitted suit and skinny black tie. I died. I have written about how I love a man in a suit and it was validating and neat to actually see someone wearing what I write about, in real life, if that makes sense? Needless to say Edward wore it well. I struck up a conversation and learned that he had recently returned from Korea where he had been teaching English, how cool is that? Anyway I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog, he graciously said yes (thank you Edward!)
The night was fun, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Fashion Network Seattle for inviting me to your lovely event! Oh and I can't forget that I also ran into Andy Karuza, who if you don't know him already you should.

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