Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delicate Soles

baby your feet. 
high heels + sore toes = delicate soles

There have been many nights where I've been out in the lovely city of Seattle when I've chosen to wear high heels. Very high heels mind you. There comes a point in every girls night when she wants nothing more than to take off her high heels and allow her feet to breathe and rest. How could one do that though? A girl doesn't want to walk around the city barefoot, thats just gross. That's where something very special and life changing comes into the equation, world I would like to introduce you to Delicate Soles. They're rollable flats, so little and compact, yet they're uber comfortable and very chic. They roll right up and fit into your purse, great for being on the go! With your Delicate Soles you receive a shoe box for them to live in your closet, and perfect and portable totes to store your flats in and then to also store your heels when you're not wearing them. They come in an assortment of colors so there's no need to fret that they won't match with your DKNY blazer, BCBG dress, or your Gibson top. They go with everything! You'll find them in lipstick red, onyx, pixie dust pink, starlight silver and a couple more designs that aren't out just yet. But lucky for you, my fellow readers, I got an exclusive sneak peak on their new designs, they are a fabulous zebra print with red accents and the crocodile pattern I mentioned, exciting right?
A good friend Elliott (@Ell79) was kind enough to hook me up with a couple pair of Delicate Soles. I received lipstick red and this amazing crocodile pattern with a fun yellow accent. I knew it was love at first sight when I tried them on. There are three sizes, and they definitely hold true to their recommendations, I was kind of nervous about which size to choose (I'm an 8.5) I got medium and they're the perfect size. There have already been several occasions when they have come in handy- what I love is that it almost feel like I'm walking barefoot! Delicate Soles are definitely a great investment that will yield a very high return. 

Every fashionista should own a pair, I don't recommend leaving home without them.

Delicate Soles, Inc. is based out of Denver, Colorado. The two founders Quinn and Jessica Martinez started Delicate Soles for the sole purpose to help women save their toes from painful high heels.
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