Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Women who falsely advertise themselves
Women, we want to be skinny, we want clear skin, perfect hair, big boobs and long legs. We'll do just about anything to achieve those things. I was thinking the other day about all the things women can do to alter their looks, it's basically FALSE ADVERTISING if you ask me. I mean think about it, we can wear Spanx, push up bras, throw on high heels, wear weaves or extensions, get face lifts and load our lips with plumping chemicals. We can go in for boob jobs, have our ears pinned back, and our bodies contoured with liposuction. By the time you're 30 you may look nothing like what you did when you were 20. Or think about if you go on a date with a guy, you're in your Spanx, push up bra, heels and false eye lashes. If the date goes well and you go home with the guy (let's face it people do that!), things start to get physical or intimate and the guy realizes you look nothing like what he thought you did. Does that make sense? All I'm saying is that it's scary how deceptive women can be about their looks. It's tricky.
Spanx make you skinny

Victoria's Secret Miraculous Push Up Bra- instantly adds 2 whole cup sizes

False Eyelashes make your eyes prettier

Lip injections make your lips more plump and kissable

Botox makes your wrinkles go away

High Heels make your legs longer

We can get boob jobs

So anyway, just a few thoughts on the idea of false advertising and women. 

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  1. I love this post, Mollie, it's so very true! I have learned to see through women who are too fake & it's not very attractive to me. Some of the dumb guys are into the fake stuff but I prefer a more natural woman. Also I have recently had some skin breakouts & think it's a bit unfair that women can just cover everything with makeup where men usually just have to live with it & everything is out in the open. Oh well maybe I should get some makeup haha. Beware deceiving cleavage!


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