Sunday, August 1, 2010

PGA Senior Open

Katia, Keith and I went to the PGA Senior Open today! It was a lot of fun and as always a fantastic bonding experience. As you can see from our photos we were rockin our Ralph Lauren Polo's, khakis, and Sperry's. We parked at Marymoor Park and took the shuttle up to Sahalee- it was super quick and easy, parking was really strict, no one was allowed to drive up to the golf course unless you had the proper credentials as press or if you lived in the neighborhood. In looking over the PGA website and our tickets, the literature posted made everything seem like it was going to be super strict and secure. For example, it was written that no cell phones, or cameras were aloud, that no heels were to be worn, and that your ticket must be showing at all times. That no backpacks were allowed or purses over a certain size- all things I understood and thought would be enforced. When we pulled up to the entrance there was no gate or place to check in, people were in flip flops, jeans, heels, and they all had their phones! No one checked tickets or bags so basically anyone from off the street was welcome to walk in and watch. That was a little disappointing, it was my first golf event so maybe they're all like that? Congrats to Bernhard Langer for winning this year's open, I actually had a hunch he would win BECAUSE he was also wearing a pink/magenta polo. Pink power baby. Oh! And the one ironic thing that happened at the Open was that someone had a heart attack, they ended up ok but I thought it was kind of ironic. 
I'm looking forward to the 2010 US Amateur which will be taking place in my HOMETOWN of University Place! I think I may be getting the golf bug, guess I need to take some lessons so I'll have a better idea of what's going on. 


  1. AHAHA so THAT'S why you needed to know what color polo. you definitely chose right, you guys are so cute!!

  2. Haha yeah, for the golf deal. We wanted to make sure we would fit in :) thank you!!


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