Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I die

I DIE for Rachel Zoe, she is literally so amazing it's B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Like OOC (Out of control). Like amazing, I died.
No seriously, she is incredible, I love her taste, her personality and her show. Did anyone else watch the premiere tonight on Bravo? If you haven't checked out her website you should like right now. And then subscribe to the Zoe Report. Right now I'm drooling over her Beauty and the Beach, 20 things under $25, I think I need every single thing.
PS This is what I want to be like when I grow up, walking with my Birkin on my arm, Blackberry in hand, Starbucks in the other and looking fabulous in oversized sunglasses. I think I need to go to LA and try that out. Would that work in Seattle? I don't know.


  1. I love RZ too, but for God's sake, would somebody throw that chick a couple of donuts! She's skinnier than my dog, and my FIL who is a cancer patient.

  2. HAH this is just too much for me to handle. a birkin and a starbucks and a blackberry. ooh that is the life :-O

  3. YES!! I also love Rachel Zoe...... and, do a killer impression of her.


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