Friday, August 13, 2010


Raise your hand if you ever had to deal with drama? Drama is basically an episode that you could say is, turbulent or highly emotional. That sounds about right doesn't it? No one likes drama, but unfortunately we all go through it every now and then. It can spark from practically nothing, you could maybe look at someone the wrong way and cause a huge uproar in problems. You could simply comment on someone's Facebook profile picture and cause drama. I think drama used to happen a lot more in person than it does now, it seems as though with all the social media available to everyone that, that in itself opens Pandora's box for more disclosure in information and misinterpretations.When I was little I dealt the drama at school and among my friends. Growing up I always thought that when I was an adult all the drama would go away. Boy was I wrong, I think adults are more dramatic than children if you ask me.

How to deal with it? 
Well I would say the best piece of advice I've ever been offered was by my amazing mom. She always said "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." Now I realize that sometimes its really hard to hold your tongue and and not stand up for yourself but I have found that this statement has always held true. It's my golden rule. Surrounding yourself with positivity and people who truly care about you and your well being is also another great way to keep out the drama. Sometimes though it's not that easy, there will probably be instances when you come face-to-face with someone you don't care to deal with. Dealing with people you dislike happens, they could be the ones who've maybe spread rumors about you, or done something hurtful. Seeing them can give you a cold adrenaline rush when your around them, do you know the feeling? If you must  be around them its best to always remain calm, and stay positive. Killing a hater with kindness is the best way to make them feel bad for whatever they've done or caused you. I think anyway. If you have the "I don't care" look on then you give them nothing to go off of right? Never ever ever snap back or let emotions show, because that only leads to more problems. Be the bigger person, or to take the high road. It can be tough at times but at the end of the day you turn out to be the more mature person. Try to keep in mind that some people are just all talk. They talk the talk, but actually can't really walk the walk. Something else to keep in mind and ask your self, in the course of your lifetime, what does it matter? Is the issue at hand going to matter in five years from now? Seeking advice from older people who have matured through previous experience is another great way to deal with drama. Like a mom, grandmother, father you get the idea. If someone is really going out of their way to be nasty or rude I  try to remember that she or he is probably just an insecure person. Because if they were secure in themselves they wouldn't feel the need to bring you down in order to feel better about themselves, those kind of people in my opinion are cowards. We can all agree that drama sucks, no one likes it or wants to be a part of it.

Choose peace over conflict and you will find happiness.

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