Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm wallowing in sadness and being bummed right now! My little sister, my beautiful baby sister is going to college this fall. We are currently attending Seattle University's Freshman Orientation seminar, Summer in Seattle (Seattle U is where she will be going this fall), yes I am attending it too! As her PARENT. It was funny walking up to all the check-in tables asking where parents sign in, the students in charge of check-in took a moment and looked at me very perplexed and told me I was at the wrong table, they kindly pointed in the direction of student check-in. I told them that I was actually a parent but flattered for the compliment. It was fun needless to say. I'm enjoying being the supportive parent, asking all the important questions like how campus safety works, how alcohol is kept out of the dorms and learning more about all the great resources offered on campus. This morning while Katia was at her placement exam I hit the bookstore, bought myself a Seattle U "mom" shirt and got Katia a cute purple (its her fav color) leather ID holder and key ring. I thought it would be handy to carry around campus! I even scouted out a Starbucks that is right near campus, as well as a great deli. I told Katia that I felt like we were like Rory and Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, if you've ever seen the show remember when Rory started school at Yale? Lorelei helped Rory get all settled in her dorm? Ah gosh, I'm really excited for her and this next chapter of my life, but of course am sad to see her grow up. If I'm having meltdowns about my sister leaving for college imagine what I'm going to be like when I send my own child to kindergarten or college? I don't think I'll make it.

I'm just going to have to remedy my sad feelings with lots of visits to see Katia!


  1. awww! what a sweet big sis you are!! i can't imagine what it's going to be like when my little sis goes off to college...

  2. Thanks Molly! I try, we are pretty close so I guess that's what makes it hard. Somehow though I will have to manage!


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