Friday, July 16, 2010


Today is Friday! Yay. I'm currently capitalizing on Starbucks FREE wi-fi on 12th and Columbia right by the Law School at Seattle University. This Starbucks has been my savior the last couple days, I've been at freshmen orientation with Katia and in order to get through these long days I've been loading up on the caffeine. If you didn't already know I am probably one of the most loyal Starbucks customers ever and I cannot live without my coffee. I was talking to a friend the other day and we decided that some of my essentials for every day living are my Blackberry, my Macbook and my Starbucks :). That's me!

So far I am very impressed with Seattle University, the campus is lovely and all the current students have nothing but good things to say about their SU life and experiences, I guess they have to be super positive though because they want you to be excited about coming here. Anyway, I'm having a nice time and have found the parent lectures and programs very helpful. Good job SU!

I am also looking forward to the weekend, there are so many fun and exciting activities taking place!

-The Bite of Seattle

-Kirkland Uncorked

-The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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