Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bonding in Portland

I don't think I've really written lately about what I have been doing with my brother and sister. Last weekend we took a trip down to Portland to visit some of our family. A lot of quality sibling bonding took place. The drive down on Friday was basically a nightmare, traffic was horrible the ENTIRE way. But we didn't let that get in the way of our fun. Saturday our cousins took us on a hike around Multnomah Falls, we originally were just going to hike from the visitor center up to the falls, instead we pretty much hiked around all of the falls it was a little over 7 miles total. I felt as though I was one with nature, keep in mind I'm not really that big of an outdoorsy kind of gal so it was quite the accomplishment for me. I did however thoroughly enjoy the hike and am now "hike" crazy. I've been looking up a lot of other trails here in Washington. That's another story though. Here are some pictures from our hike, it was beautiful and absolutely stunning. 
Some fun facts:
Multnomah Falls is 620 feet from its origins on Larch Mountain, and Multnomah Falls is the second highest year-round waterfall in the entire United States, how cool is that? Also Nearly two million visitors a year come to see the ancient waterfall, Katia, Keith and I were of course among those. I tried to find a map of the trail we hiked and the one below was all I could find. If you're in Oregon I highly suggest checking out the falls! There were no words that would give justice to the majesty that was Multnomah Falls. I loved it! 

I guess I should also mention that we stopped by Voodoo Donuts (The Magic is in the Hole) while we were downtown too! Ever been? I must say it's quite the place, they have all kinds of donuts, flavors, phallic names, and a lot of crazy furniture. We noticed this last time that there were a ton of pictures of Kenny Rogers inside, not sure why? Oh and something else to note, Voodoo doesn't accept plastic, only cash! 

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