Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A while ago someone plainly asked me what my hobbies were. For whatever reason I drew a blank. I don't golf or rock climb, I don't ride horses or knit. I guess I like to shop, Tweet, travel, hang out with my family but I was as a loss of what my hobbies were exactly. Anyway, I decided to take up art, drawing in particular. I'm enjoying it so far and learning a lot, it's actually quite challenging considering my brain is not wired to be artsy and creative. This class is a great challenge for me. As assignment in class was to replicate a picture we liked from an artist of our choice. I chose Pablo Ruiz Picasso, partly because we share the same last name, or part of it and because he is from Spain like my family! I thought his drawing of Stalin was perfect, it was done in charcoal (which right now us my favorite medium to draw with). The picture actually is kind of an insult to the great leader Stalin because Picasso was commissioned to draw a portrait of Stalin that was to be published on the front page of a communist paper, to commemorate his death. When you look at this picture though you wouldn't think Picasso spent a lot of time on it right? The value and contouring seem like it was done quickly and swiftly. Not a picture you would expect from Picasso to commemorate a great leader's passing right? I mean considering all of the other amazing pictures and portraits he'd completed in the past.
This is Picasso's picture of Stalin

And this is my drawing of Picasso's Stalin...

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