Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup

I along with the rest of the world have been watching the 2010 World Cup. Of course being from the USA I'm rooting for team USA, but I really hope the Netherlands win it all. Today I watched the Brazil vs Cote d'Ivoire, I was hoping Brazil would win and they did! It was quite the match, definitely got a little dirty at the end. I personally don't think Kaka deserved a red card, especially with the call at the end. Kaka didn't hit that guy in the face, he just was protecting himself! Weird how the guy ran into Kaka's arm with his chest but then the wuss falls to the ground grabbing his face? Hmmm. Very questionable if you ask me- I have a feeling that the ref later will see a reply of what happened and will feel like an idiot for making that call. At least Brazil’s next game against Portugal won’t really matter and Kaka’s absence isn’t going to ruin their chances. Anyhow I also couldn’t help but get all googly eyed over Ricardo Kaka, I mean come on, that hair, those eyes? Who wouldn’t melt? Just look at him!

Another fun thing about the World Cup are the ads! My favorite so far is the Budweiser commercial, it is very clever!

Let's go Netherlands!!!!!!! I would like to mention that they too have 6 points right now, booyah! 

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  1. Sad that the USA lost today, but that's how it works. We we're underdogs anyways…. as for this post of yours, I'll have to disagree on the commercial. I think this is the best commercial that came out when we played England two weeks ago…..


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