Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So after that last post I was a little inspired to write more about thank you's. I'm sure as you can tell already I think they're very important, I guess it's the Miss Manners in me. The first place to begin in writing thank you notes is to acquire some stationary, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, a simple white note card with the words "Thank you" written on them will do. Once you've found those, the next important thing you'll need is a nice pen to write with, black or blue ink is most appropriate. Every gift deserves a thank you, people like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you they're very likely to do something nice for you again. There are six main components in my mind to a thank you, they are as follows-

1) Greet your giver- Dear Sally, or whatever their name is.
2) Express your thanks- Thank you very much for the lovely slippers you sent me! Never begin your note with, "I'm just writing to..." they'll figure out why you're writing the note, no need to explain. Oh! And never thank someone directly for money if that is what they gave you, maybe instead say, "thank you for your generosity, or kindness", I think that is more appropriate. 
3) Talk about use- The comfy slippers you sent me will really come in handy this winter.
4) Past/future mention- It was so nice to see you at Christmas, I hope to see you more often in the coming year. 
5) Say thank you one more time- Thank you again for the great gift! You can never say thank you too many times. 
6) Wrap it up- Regards, Yours truly, Love, you get the jist- end your note with the appropriate ending depending on your relationship to the giver. Make sure when you sign your name it's legible.

I guess I should also mention that these notes should be handwritten, never type or copy notes your sending to people. This takes away from the personal touch that is you. I would think that would be obvious but just in case. I usually try and send out my thank you's within a couple of days of receiving whatever gift or kind act I'm given, the sooner the better but if it slips your mind and you remember two weeks later, it's still ok to send a thank you, it's never too late! 

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