Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I forgot about this

My little brother Keith recently got a new phone, it has a touch screen and a really great web browser. He was really excited about the idea of "Google'ing" himself, when he did this news article came up about our family. Totally forgot this happened last summer in Bend. Make sure you always lock your doors people.

There is a video that goes with this story but you have to go to KOHD's website, I don't know how to share it here.

8/26/2009 - Bend
by Matt McDonald

A day short of his twelfth birthday, Keith Ruiz Hopper was hoping to finish watching I-Robot on DVD in the morning, but...

"We got robbed, the TV was gone and they took some liquor," said Keith.

With six people asleep in the house, someone came through the front door. The latch sticks. feeling safe in their mount bachelor village home in southwest bend, they left it unlocked, despite their own instructions for visitors.

"I heard a crash," said Conrad Carter.

At eighty-five years old, he is the only one to hear the intruders. He gets out of bed to investigate, hearing someone run down the path away from the house. The TV is gone. Some bottles of liquor are missing. Just around the corner...

"Our room is literally feet from the front door," said Mollie Ruiz-Hopper.

"We were in this room sleeping," said Katia Ruiz-Hopper.

Mollie and Katia are the only ones sleeping downstairs. By the time they wake, police are already dusting for fingerprints. Immediately, the investigation turns towards the two girls.

"Have you met any boys here, like have you had anyone over. Have you like had any encounters with guys that would know what's here in the house?" said Mollie.

Both swear they've met no one. Though the family is left with TV cords dangling from the wall, they find some good news.

"I was just happy that they were gone and no one was hurt," said Keith.

A lesson for the future.

"I know for a fact that we always like lock our door and shut our windows, it's freaky," said Katia.

For Conrad, an explanation for the crash that got him out of bed.

"I say, well at least the mystery has been solved as to what's going on down here," said Conrad.

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