Sunday, June 27, 2010


Do you use Craigslist? I'll admit I do browse their site from time to time if I'm looking for some last minute event tickets or possibly even for random stuff. Craigslist is quite the forum. Isn't it where someone tried to sell their baby once?

Have you clicked on and read through some of the "missed connections". I don't really know why but tonight I thought I would amuse myself by reading some. Boy are they funny. I wonder if people really use these a lot, like if you have a "missed connection" with someone is going to Craigslist the first thing that pops into your mind to check?

you work the desk at kmart (seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 9:22PM PDT

I have seeing you a few times and would love to ask you out. You normally work nights and have blondish hair. Are you in a relationship? I kind of am, but would still like to meet for lunch or drinks. 

J&M Cafe years ago

Date: 2010-06-26, 11:50PM PDT

Going through old stuff I had a flashback
I met you and I know it was you we talked for
a few minutes by the restrooms while you were fixing something
Weirdest flashback ever clear as day!, you had a white shirt and jeans on
I had on a pink blazer . Where was I ten years ago ? I was right in front of you
Hope you're doing well silly boy 

It wasn't just your eyes - m4w

Date: 2010-06-26, 11:46PM PDT

I know I told you it was your eyes that captured me and then your smile. What really got me were your legs. When we used to take those nature walks,
holding hands, I wasn't looking at the trees. I couldn't get enough of looking at them mmmmmmm. Just thought you might like to know, maybe you'll find it amusing? 

The office crush... - m4w - 33 (N Seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 8:41AM PDT

Dang if you aren't the biggest distraction to me. I mean this in a very good way.

From the first meeting we were in you have impressed me with your professionalism and job skills. Even more impressive given you are not far removed from college.

I enjoy our lunches together. I like taking you to the smaller restaurants in the neighborhood that you have not been to. I'd like to take you to restaurants in the neighborhood that I have yet to go to. I would like to do so more often but I have been with the company long enough to know how people start to talk.

You are smart, capable, fun to work with and cute. If I didn't think so highly of you as a person I would have asked you to drinks after work. We would have gotten drunk and headed back to my place to fuck. I am sure it would be a great night but it would be just that, a night... not to be repeated. I just don't think you should be treated in that way. I don't want to be the lecherous older man taking advantage of the pretty younger woman. Well at least not to you. You are an amazing woman.

When you work late let me get you dinner when you are done working, before you start your long commute back home. It would be a work night and I get up early so I wouldn't occupy your time too late. 

I don't want to leave where you are. Stupid me. (hey you)

Date: 2010-06-25, 11:07PM PDT

No, I don't want to leave. I'd stay there, in my chair, growing older and poorer and doing the same old thing. To be near you. You make me happy, you goofy, awkward, handsome man. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to post here. You were gone last year and I had a fling with a younger man and I thought that would cure me...wishful thinking. You are a fabulous human being. You have my heart.... 

West Seattle Furnace Guy - m4m (West Seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 4:08PM PDT

You came to my house with my next-door neighbor today to look at a furnace vent.
You: Short trim adorable man, very sexy
Was there a little spark there or am I just wishing?
I would love to get naked with you.
Tell me something about 

There are many many more missed connections posted! I wonder if people really do end up connecting after posting on here? Personally I think it's creepy- all that would be going through my head if some random person wrote me on there would be STRANGER DANGER. If you had a missed connection what would it say? 

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