Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm not one who takes astrology too seriously, but sometimes it is fun to read about it and see if what is written about you is true! I was browsing some websites this morning going through information on my sign Gemini and found the below...

The Twins

May 22 to June 21

Gemini traits

Adaptable and versatile
Communicative and witty
Intellectual and eloquent
Youthful and lively


Novelty and the unusual
Variety in life
Multiple projects all going at once

Feeling tied down
Learning, such as school
Being in a rut
Mental inaction
Being alone
The color of choice for Mercury in Gemini is GREEN.

The Gemini-born are intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. The more information a Gemini collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those they love is also a lot of fun, for Geminis are supremely interested in developing their relationships. Dalliances with these folks are always enjoyable, since Geminis are bright, quick-witted and the proverbial life of the party. Even though their intellectual minds can rationalize forever and a day, Geminis also have a surplus of imagination waiting to be tapped. The element associated with Gemini is Air. Air signs are the thinking person's signs, and the Twins don't disappoint. Those born under this sign prize intellect and consider it the key to all things. At work, they are the clearest of thinkers, looking at a project from all (well, at least two) sides and putting forth some logical and well-thought-out ideas. This quality makes Geminis an asset to any team, and while these folks are not inclined to take the lead, they are a most valuable component. It's also the Gemini's literary bent that allows them to offer a useful perspective on most any situation. The Twins also enjoy bringing their objective reasoning and big-picture ability into their personal relationships. While some may perceive all this logical thought as cold and unemotional, it's simply how these folks tick.
That's kind of a lot of information, but an idea into the world that is Gemini I guess. I would say most of that seems fairly accurate! When you read abouy your horoscope, does what you read sound like you?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Do you use Craigslist? I'll admit I do browse their site from time to time if I'm looking for some last minute event tickets or possibly even for random stuff. Craigslist is quite the forum. Isn't it where someone tried to sell their baby once?

Have you clicked on and read through some of the "missed connections". I don't really know why but tonight I thought I would amuse myself by reading some. Boy are they funny. I wonder if people really use these a lot, like if you have a "missed connection" with someone is going to Craigslist the first thing that pops into your mind to check?

you work the desk at kmart (seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 9:22PM PDT

I have seeing you a few times and would love to ask you out. You normally work nights and have blondish hair. Are you in a relationship? I kind of am, but would still like to meet for lunch or drinks. 

J&M Cafe years ago

Date: 2010-06-26, 11:50PM PDT

Going through old stuff I had a flashback
I met you and I know it was you we talked for
a few minutes by the restrooms while you were fixing something
Weirdest flashback ever clear as day!, you had a white shirt and jeans on
I had on a pink blazer . Where was I ten years ago ? I was right in front of you
Hope you're doing well silly boy 

It wasn't just your eyes - m4w

Date: 2010-06-26, 11:46PM PDT

I know I told you it was your eyes that captured me and then your smile. What really got me were your legs. When we used to take those nature walks,
holding hands, I wasn't looking at the trees. I couldn't get enough of looking at them mmmmmmm. Just thought you might like to know, maybe you'll find it amusing? 

The office crush... - m4w - 33 (N Seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 8:41AM PDT

Dang if you aren't the biggest distraction to me. I mean this in a very good way.

From the first meeting we were in you have impressed me with your professionalism and job skills. Even more impressive given you are not far removed from college.

I enjoy our lunches together. I like taking you to the smaller restaurants in the neighborhood that you have not been to. I'd like to take you to restaurants in the neighborhood that I have yet to go to. I would like to do so more often but I have been with the company long enough to know how people start to talk.

You are smart, capable, fun to work with and cute. If I didn't think so highly of you as a person I would have asked you to drinks after work. We would have gotten drunk and headed back to my place to fuck. I am sure it would be a great night but it would be just that, a night... not to be repeated. I just don't think you should be treated in that way. I don't want to be the lecherous older man taking advantage of the pretty younger woman. Well at least not to you. You are an amazing woman.

When you work late let me get you dinner when you are done working, before you start your long commute back home. It would be a work night and I get up early so I wouldn't occupy your time too late. 

I don't want to leave where you are. Stupid me. (hey you)

Date: 2010-06-25, 11:07PM PDT

No, I don't want to leave. I'd stay there, in my chair, growing older and poorer and doing the same old thing. To be near you. You make me happy, you goofy, awkward, handsome man. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to post here. You were gone last year and I had a fling with a younger man and I thought that would cure me...wishful thinking. You are a fabulous human being. You have my heart.... 

West Seattle Furnace Guy - m4m (West Seattle)

Date: 2010-06-26, 4:08PM PDT

You came to my house with my next-door neighbor today to look at a furnace vent.
You: Short trim adorable man, very sexy
Was there a little spark there or am I just wishing?
I would love to get naked with you.
Tell me something about 

There are many many more missed connections posted! I wonder if people really do end up connecting after posting on here? Personally I think it's creepy- all that would be going through my head if some random person wrote me on there would be STRANGER DANGER. If you had a missed connection what would it say? 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup

I along with the rest of the world have been watching the 2010 World Cup. Of course being from the USA I'm rooting for team USA, but I really hope the Netherlands win it all. Today I watched the Brazil vs Cote d'Ivoire, I was hoping Brazil would win and they did! It was quite the match, definitely got a little dirty at the end. I personally don't think Kaka deserved a red card, especially with the call at the end. Kaka didn't hit that guy in the face, he just was protecting himself! Weird how the guy ran into Kaka's arm with his chest but then the wuss falls to the ground grabbing his face? Hmmm. Very questionable if you ask me- I have a feeling that the ref later will see a reply of what happened and will feel like an idiot for making that call. At least Brazil’s next game against Portugal won’t really matter and Kaka’s absence isn’t going to ruin their chances. Anyhow I also couldn’t help but get all googly eyed over Ricardo Kaka, I mean come on, that hair, those eyes? Who wouldn’t melt? Just look at him!

Another fun thing about the World Cup are the ads! My favorite so far is the Budweiser commercial, it is very clever!

Let's go Netherlands!!!!!!! I would like to mention that they too have 6 points right now, booyah! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding Bells!

One of my best friends since Jr. High got married, Sara is officially a wife. Today was her wedding reception, Katia and I went to help celebrate and congratulate the newly married pair. I got a little sentimental but kept it together. The song that came to mind when I saw you Sara, was "Unforgettable" by Natalie and Nat King Cole, if I had to choose I think that would be one of your wedding songs! I couldn't be happier for you Sara! I love you!! Infinite X's and O's. 

Heaven give you many, many merry days.
- William Shakespeare

Friday, June 18, 2010

Berry Berry Fizz

One of my resolutions for 2010 was to put forth more effort into cooking. So, now I browse different cooking websites for recipes and ideas on what to prepare. One of the sites I frequent is The Food Network, I was browsing today and came across this delicious summer drink recipe. Doesn't it look good!?


1 (10-ounce) bag frozen sliced strawberries, defrosted
2 tablespoons honey
1 (8-ounce) bag frozen blueberries
1 bottle Prosecco


In a food processor, puree the sliced strawberries, with their juice, and honey until smooth. To assemble the drink: Pour a generous spoonful of the fruit puree into a champagne flute. Add a few frozen blueberries and top with Prosecco. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I made a collage!

I figured out how to make a collage on my photo editor, I realize those of you who are super tech savvy probably aren't impressed but I was proud of myself for figuring it out for the simple reason that I'm not fabulous with technology. Anyway, I put in it some things I like.


Without question one of my most favorite designers is Trina Turk. Everytime I'm at a store I always seem to gravitate toward all her clothes. I was shopping yesterday and saw a gorgeous bathing suit, when I went over to grab it and check the tag, it was of course Trina. I liked it so much I bought it! Now we just need this weird Washington weather to knock it off and let the sun come out so I can enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Google is so amazing, sometimes when I'm bored I'll just type in a word into search box to see what comes up. Today I Google'd "Chic" and came across these Google Images. I really like the decor shown in these pictures, white is so simple and classic. 


I like everything about this picture. It's Olivia Palermo in what one might call downtown chic. She's using a Blackberry while wearing Louboutin's, and is so nonchalant about her Birkin bag it's not even funny!

You Can't Marry Jethro Without Gettin' The Clampetts

One of my favorite books I think I mentioned in a previous post is How To Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk. On the cover it says it's the fool proof way to follow your heart without losing your mind. I realize it's only one book and not the be all end all of relationships but I always enjoy reading different author's perspectives on how a good relationship works. It's best to be as informed as possible on as many subjects as your brain can handle, I think anyway. One of the chapters in the book talks about the infamous subject of family and how learning about your potential partner's family life can tell you a lot about the person. As you know family is huge to me so of course I thought it was appropriate to touch on. 

The chapter begins with, "Childhood experiences are some of the strongest predictors of what your mate will be like as a spouse or parent."John Van Epp, the author mentions that the first area of exploration is the degree of closeness in a family because closeness within a family is generated by an environment of openness and involvement. I was fortunate to grow up in a loving and open environment so naturally I have a positive and happy outlook on family. Van Epp then lists out a few things you should learn about along the way about family affection and aggression.

-What was the mood or atmosphere in the home?
-How was affection shown?
-What made you feel special in the family?
-Who were you close to in your family?
-How did you know that you were loved by your mother? Your father?
-How were conflicts handled by your parents?
-What did you do when you were angry at your mother? Your father?
-How did your mother and father handle their anger?
-Were your parents divorced? 
-If so, how old were you? What was the divorce and post-divorce adjustment like? 
-What was your mother like as a wife? Your father?
-What was your relationship like with your mother? Your father? 
-Who handled the discipline?
-Were there any additions in your family?
-What responsibilities did you have in the family?
-How were things share among the family?

These are just a few things mentioned in the chapter. If you have time I recommend checking out the book, it's a pretty quick and easy read! 

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok so I decided to post my first video, it's not fantastic so don't judge me! I mainly wanted to try and see how the whole video thing worked on my computer, turns out it's not as complicated as I thought! A recent acquaintance of mine Travis Ketchum started this great website called MyBigGive- it's your opportunity to give back to charity and the community in which you live through the convenience of shopping online for products that you love and use without any added cost. What's better than laying in bed shopping online in the comfort of your own Juicy Suit? It's a great website, I've used it and it's awesome. Check it out.

The morning

What is your favorite time of day?  Mine would definitely have to be the morning. I didn't used to be a morning person but lately I'm starting to like it more and more. The morning is probably my favorite time of day whether I like waking up early or not because it's when I get to drink my coffee. There is nothing like dragging myself out of bed and into my kitchen to turn on my Keurig and take that first sip of fresh coffee to give me that jolt to wake up. Is it bad that I go to sleep at night looking forward to waking up and drinking coffee? I'm not addicted I swear. I just like coffee.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If you've been living under a rock or not paying attention to what I've had to say before then you wouldn't know that family is very important to me. I like to think I agree with the statement, "you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family." Family to me is all that matters at the end of the day, they are the only ones there for you. I always write about how important and how close my sister and I are but I also want to mention how important my little brother is too. He's always so polite and kind, thoughtful and gracious, I like to attribute his good manners to my guidance, thank you very much. He is a little gentleman, my little man, not a day goes by that I don't stop and think how lucky I am to be his big sister. He's growing up right before my eyes and it's scaring me!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is chivalry dead?

 Maybe it's just me but it seems as though the notion of chivalry, honor and gentlemen are dead. Ok, maybe saying they're dead is a little dramatic but I do feel as though they are greatly lacking. What is beyond me is why boys don't act more like gentlemen, don't they realize that if they did they would attract quality girls? Don't they want to be someone they can be proud of? I wouldn't say that I date a lot but being 22 I've had my fair share of dates here and there. Don't get me wrong not all my dates have been bad but I've definitely been able to take away from them knowing what I DO NOT want. I guess that is what dating is though, isn't it? To help you figure out what you like and what you don't. I'll share with you a date I had a while back. I met a guy, he was nice, seemed charming blah blah blah. He invited me to dinner at The Met in Seattle- which if you're from Seattle you'll know that's a pretty nice place to go on a first date, I was impressed...a little. Dinner was decent, the food was good, conversation wasn't too awkward, I was having a nice time, until the bill came. Our waiter brought the bill, now when a boy asks you out to dinner one would assume that he is to pick up the bill, right? I mean I've never heard of a guy asking a girl out to dinner and then expecting her to pay. The bill was on the table, he looked at it, looked at me, smiled and just kept talking, so I was like hmm ok he's in no rush- we'll keep chatting, eventually he'll grab it and get it taken care of. Ten minutes went by and finally he started ruffling through his pockets for what I assumed was his wallet. He then moved to say, "Oh gosh Mollie, I totally forgot my wallet at home, I'm so sorry. Why don't you pick this up and I will get it next time." Mind you I'm sitting across from him wide eyed with my jaw on the the floor dumbfounded by what he just proposed. I took a deep breath, smiled and asked him to excuse me for one moment. Little did he know I went to our waiter, asked them to split the bill  in half, I handed him my credit card, paid for my half and took the rest of the bill back to the table. I politely said I took care of my half and to have a good night. I grabbed my coat and walked away, I never spoke to that guy again, I have no idea what he did or how he managed to pay his bill. Crazy huh? I don't make time to deal with silly people like that.

 So what do I think being a gentleman means? Of course it's hard not to turn back time to Hugh Grant in Emma or think of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. I've come up with a list of things that I believe are qualities of an honorable, chivalrous gentleman.

- A gentleman never swears in front of a lady, if at all possible and I know it is, refrain from using profanities when you're out with a girl or on a date, even using "shut up" and "stupid".
- When you pick her up, open the car door for her, both in getting in the car and in getting out, it's the polite thing to do.
- Be attentive, ask questions like "May I help you?", "let me get that for you", or "I'll take care of that". Being courteous goes a long way.
- Be polite to everyone, opening the door for the girl and continuing to hold it open if another person needs to get in, you can tell a lot about a guy on how he conducts himself in public and how he speaks to others who are serving you at dinner. A true gentleman is polite in actions and in words.
- Don't stare at other girls when you're on a date, that more than anything is so annoying!
- Don't talk too much about yourself, obviously don't be shady and withhold all information about yourself but the guy should really  be genuinely interested in getting to know the girl, ask questions, be engaging, smile! There is also nothing worse than sitting at a table listening to a guy talk about his favorite video game or sports moment for hours upon hours.
- Take a shower, brush your teeth- hygiene is so important, I know its something that you would think is obvious but I'm just saying. Wear something nice and not too flashy, I always see red flags when I see guys in studded/ripped and washed out True Religion brand jeans with a tightly fitted v-neck shirt and four bracelets on each wrist. Wear nice jeans and a shirt or slacks and a sport coat, girls can appreciate men with great style, at least I can.
- When walking on the sidewalk or on the side of the road, a gentlemen should walk on the outside (closer to the road), whereas the lady should be on the inside, protected from oncoming traffic.
- Be a man, stand up straight, sit up straight, make eye contact and speak clearly.
- If you want to be really ambitious at a restaurant, you'd order everything for her.
- Help a girl with her coat, pull out her chair so that she can sit down, stand up when she gets up to leave the table, wait until she has taken the first bite at dinner before you dig into your meal.
- Compliment her, tell her she looks beautiful, say something about her eyes, or maybe her hair, what girl doesn't like to be complimented?
- Don't get drunk, when you get drunk you get sloppy, and when you're sloppy you're not attractive.
- Don't text or take calls at dinner, unless it's truly a 911 life and death situation.
- Plan the entire date, girls are impressed with guys who possess the ability to take care of an entire evening.
- Keep your word. Don’t say things you don’t mean. If you promise something, stick to it.
- Do not be late.
- Your napkin belongs in your lap not tucked under your neck.
- If you’re trying to have a relationship, let the girl know. If you’re not, and you’re just trying to hit, let them know that, too- honesty is always the best policy.
- Say please and thank you.
- At the end of the night walk her to her door or to her car. Don't ask her to come home with you.

And of course my favorite...
- If you initiate a dinner date or meeting, then you should expect to pay. That works both ways.

I realize that's a pretty long list of things to do and not do, I promise it's not that hard to fulfill them all. You could kind of flip this in reverse and make it applicable to woman as well. Real gentlemen appreciate interesting ladies. I did also want to bring up my date story real quick, I realize some of you may have asked, well what if he genuinely forgot his wallet? Trust me when I say or type, that I could clearly tell he was not genuine. He obviously thought I was an idiot and would fall for his game, lucky for him I'm no passive chick.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My little sister, well I guess she isn't really little anymore- had her senior prom yesterday. Our Saturday was off to an early start, it of course began at Starbucks, I got a vanilla latte and Katia got a toffee nut soy latte. We then made our way to Gene Juarez where our amazing hair stylist Kevin went to work on Katia's hair. After her hair was perfected we headed over to Nordstrom where Daphne at Chanel did Katia's make up. Once hair and make up was complete it was time to run home, get Katia in her dress and take photos at Chambers Bay Golf Course, which is right down the road from our house. Chambers is a great spot to take photos, with the ocean and mountains in the background I don't think we could have had a better place to snap pictures of the good looking bunch. I kind of felt like a proud mom standing there snapping pictures left and right with my camera, I'd keep saying "over here", "look this way", "smile more", you get the jist I'm sure. Katia blew me out of the water, she looked stunning, amazing, beautiful, breathtaking, I could go on and on forever. My baby sister I realized is no longer a little girl, she really is a young woman- I may or may not have shed a few tears. Here are some photos from yesterday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Break Ups

Say it with me, "break ups suck." I would like to mention that I don't normally like using the word "suck" because I think it's super insensitive BUT this time I make an exception because I don't know any other way to describe a break up, they blow, they're lame, they just suck! What do you think of when that word comes to mind? Sitting in bed in sweats, eating tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, listening to Celine Dion, with a box of kleenex in hand- typically that's what I think of. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it always seem like the guy is never as bummed about it as the girl? There are lots of reasons why people or couples break up, I'm not here to get into each scenario. I'm generalizing it, let's just say I'm talking about the break up where you both realize you're going in different directions and it's not going to work out, or maybe you just don't feel the same way anymore. However it ends, the loss of a relationship can bring up intense and unwelcome heartache.
The first and most important part, in my opinion is to maintain space. Don't go calling your ex or texting, or emailing or Google chatting- NO COMMUNICATION. At least for a while, I think it's important to take a step back and digest what's just happened. Because really what is the point of rehashing all the drama a day after you call it off, really what is there to talk about? Take time to think about the situation you're in, it's ok to go back and replay things in your mind, to remember good memories and miss them, but don't get too obsessive in mulling over what happened. Maybe you can try and think about the relationship as a learning experience, at least you can say you tried and you'll know better for next time, because I promise there will be a next time (unless you are completely psychotic.) It takes two people to be in a relationship, if your significant other just isn't "feeling" it anymore then it's important to remember that you deserve to be with someone who KNOWS what they want. There is no point in being with another if they don't know what they're doing, you wouldn't get into a plane if the pilot nonchalantly told you he didn't know how to fly it would you? Now that we've established the importance of space and thought, it is ok to go through a "hate" phase for a day or two. Beyond that it's really not worth your time. Make sure you get rid of any and all reminders of your ex, pictures, plants, flowers, whatever, the relationship is over so why leave out anything that reminds you of something that no longer is? Dwelling on painful memories just isn't healthy.  Replace your old flowers with new ones! Change your photos to pictures of you and your friends, or of your dog or maybe a favorite landscape. You need to let go, so you can move forward. Breaking up is kind of like a new beginning, you get to start over and fresh- think of it like that old saying, "out with the old and in with the new." Being optimistic is also key in the healing process, surround yourself with people who love you, with family, you really need lots of positive energy. Staying active I think helps, go for walks, run, hit the gym, try a yoga class you've always been meaning to try, go on a hike, heck go shopping and buy a new red dress and cute pair of pumps. Grab a copy of The New York Times Best Sellers List and pick a new book to read! Do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of the rut you're in, so long as it's not going out and getting wasted out of your mind and drunk dialing your ex, or stalking their Facebook.
In conclusion, though this topic is so vast it's hard to put a cap on it, the most important thing to remember is that you're an amazing person and deserve nothing but the best and for whatever reason the relationship you were in was not meant to be so GET OVER IT. Focus on the positives, embrace yourself, I think being single is a great way to learn more about who you are as an individual. People admire other people who are confident and secure in themselves. Being single also gives you a chance to date around, to figure out what you like and don't like in a potential partner.
The best revenge is living well, enjoy being single! There's nothing like running into your ex when you're in the best shape of your life, when they see you glowing with happiness they're going to be kicking themselves.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So after that last post I was a little inspired to write more about thank you's. I'm sure as you can tell already I think they're very important, I guess it's the Miss Manners in me. The first place to begin in writing thank you notes is to acquire some stationary, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, a simple white note card with the words "Thank you" written on them will do. Once you've found those, the next important thing you'll need is a nice pen to write with, black or blue ink is most appropriate. Every gift deserves a thank you, people like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you they're very likely to do something nice for you again. There are six main components in my mind to a thank you, they are as follows-

1) Greet your giver- Dear Sally, or whatever their name is.
2) Express your thanks- Thank you very much for the lovely slippers you sent me! Never begin your note with, "I'm just writing to..." they'll figure out why you're writing the note, no need to explain. Oh! And never thank someone directly for money if that is what they gave you, maybe instead say, "thank you for your generosity, or kindness", I think that is more appropriate. 
3) Talk about use- The comfy slippers you sent me will really come in handy this winter.
4) Past/future mention- It was so nice to see you at Christmas, I hope to see you more often in the coming year. 
5) Say thank you one more time- Thank you again for the great gift! You can never say thank you too many times. 
6) Wrap it up- Regards, Yours truly, Love, you get the jist- end your note with the appropriate ending depending on your relationship to the giver. Make sure when you sign your name it's legible.

I guess I should also mention that these notes should be handwritten, never type or copy notes your sending to people. This takes away from the personal touch that is you. I would think that would be obvious but just in case. I usually try and send out my thank you's within a couple of days of receiving whatever gift or kind act I'm given, the sooner the better but if it slips your mind and you remember two weeks later, it's still ok to send a thank you, it's never too late! 


I am a customer service relations manager, working with people and helping them is what I truly enjoy. Today I got a really nice thank you note from a client, they also were kind enough to give me a great bottle of wine. The note started with a quote, "How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it." -George Elliston, and then wrote,
"Dear Mollie,   
Here is a little thank you for everytime you went above and beyond to answer our questions. The quote on the front of this card says it all. Your (they underlined your!) kindness brightened many of our sad days. Our hearts are full of gratitude. 
I & R"
It's nice notes and thank you's like these that really move me and make my day a million times better. I don't know that people realize how powerful a simple "thank you" note is.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I forgot about this

My little brother Keith recently got a new phone, it has a touch screen and a really great web browser. He was really excited about the idea of "Google'ing" himself, when he did this news article came up about our family. Totally forgot this happened last summer in Bend. Make sure you always lock your doors people.

There is a video that goes with this story but you have to go to KOHD's website, I don't know how to share it here.

8/26/2009 - Bend
by Matt McDonald

A day short of his twelfth birthday, Keith Ruiz Hopper was hoping to finish watching I-Robot on DVD in the morning, but...

"We got robbed, the TV was gone and they took some liquor," said Keith.

With six people asleep in the house, someone came through the front door. The latch sticks. feeling safe in their mount bachelor village home in southwest bend, they left it unlocked, despite their own instructions for visitors.

"I heard a crash," said Conrad Carter.

At eighty-five years old, he is the only one to hear the intruders. He gets out of bed to investigate, hearing someone run down the path away from the house. The TV is gone. Some bottles of liquor are missing. Just around the corner...

"Our room is literally feet from the front door," said Mollie Ruiz-Hopper.

"We were in this room sleeping," said Katia Ruiz-Hopper.

Mollie and Katia are the only ones sleeping downstairs. By the time they wake, police are already dusting for fingerprints. Immediately, the investigation turns towards the two girls.

"Have you met any boys here, like have you had anyone over. Have you like had any encounters with guys that would know what's here in the house?" said Mollie.

Both swear they've met no one. Though the family is left with TV cords dangling from the wall, they find some good news.

"I was just happy that they were gone and no one was hurt," said Keith.

A lesson for the future.

"I know for a fact that we always like lock our door and shut our windows, it's freaky," said Katia.

For Conrad, an explanation for the crash that got him out of bed.

"I say, well at least the mystery has been solved as to what's going on down here," said Conrad.

A Good Song

I always think of my mom when I hear John Mayer's song Daughters. I'll never forget when she heard it for the first time, we were all sitting in the living room at my parent's house. My mom listened to the words and then told my dad to listen to it, I can't really describe the moment but it was just very sweet. It was a period of about four minutes where I sat close with my mom and dad and we listened to the song and then all smiled about it together. Now everytime I hear this song, I think of her and smile.

I know a girl

She puts the color inside of my world
But she's just like a maze
Where all of the walls all continually change
And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it's got nothing to do with me
Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Oh, you see that skin?
It's the same she's been standing in
Since the day she saw him walking away
Now she's left
Cleaning up the mess he made

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Boys, you can break
You'll find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without the warmth from
A womans good, good heart

On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world
So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too
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