Monday, May 24, 2010


Seattle as I'm sure you've guessed because it's in my blog name is where I enjoy spending my time. The city just has so much to offer, the possibilities are endless. Over the weekend I got to spend the day supporting Seattle's sports! My best friend Kelly invited me to go to the Sounders game and Mariners game! Not only was the day a ton of fun but I have to say the most memorable part was that we experienced literally all the elements in one day. I was up by 8am and downtown by about 10am, the sun was shining, sky was clear- it was beautiful out! As I pulled into the city I was almost regretting my decision to not wear shorts and wishing I had grabbed my sunglasses. All through the soccer game (which we lost btw, to the San Jose Earthquakes) the sun was out and it was gorgeous. After the game we even had a bbq OUTSIDE! Then, out of no where clouds started rolling in and the entire sky was covered in darkness, the wind started blowing and the rain began to fall. Rain falling from the sky when it's windy is a bad combination because it makes the rain come down sideways which in my opinion is worse than normal straight falling rain- if that even makes sense? It was time to head to the Mariners game and you can bet that we had our rain coats with hoods in hand. I would also like to mention that the Mariners lost that day to the San Diego Padres (not the most ideal day for sports). Their loss is beside the point though, because as we left Safeco when the game ended, we were in search for a cab, can you guess what happened? It began to pour down rain, it just dumped, I mean I was seriously considering asking around where Noah's Ark was so I could save myself from the flood. After walking about 6 blocks and being completely drenched we found cabs that took us home. My socks were wet, my hair was soaked- it was as if I took a shower in my clothes. Regardless of all the crazy weather we had a fantastic day, I don't think life gets much better when you're with good friends, eating great food, laughing and living life.

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