Monday, May 31, 2010

Big thank you!

I also would like to mention that all my birthday festivities were set up by Nicole Logan of NWAppeaL. Nicole was so fabulous in that she put together my night with my friends, she took care of everything, all the planning and organizing, all I had to do was show up! Our dinner at Pearl in Bellevue was terrific (we had an awesome private table and fantastic service, we walked in the restaurant and they immediately greeted me with birthday wishes!) Our server brought out a birthday cake with candles for us and catered to our every need. Dinner was only the beginning of our terrific night- after we finished up at Pearl it was off to Amber in Belltown where Nicole graciously reserved us a couch and table in the VIP area upstairs. There we were greeted by Hazel the Director of Events who led us upstairs to meet our private cocktail server! I honestly could not have asked for a more fun and memorable night. Thank you Nicole for  helping me with my birthday party planning, especially on such short notice! Nicole set up this entire night about two days prior, she was prompt in getting back to me, very detailed and helpful in providing me with lots of options for fun things to do, she really took the time to figure out what I wanted and was so kind in making it all happen- in AppeaL's mission statement they say that that the experience is focused on the individual, that everything is at your fingertips, and that you're completely catered to- my experience with AppeaL was just that. I would highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone! I know that next time I need help in planning an event I have a great guru to turn to. Thank you Nicole.
If you have Twitter follow Nicole- she'll keep you up to date on everything fun happening!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Saturday was my 22nd birthday and I was so lucky that all of my best girlfriends were in town to help celebrate with me! Since we're all going in different directions with our lives it's a rare occasion that we're all home and available to spend time together. Saturday night we all rendezvoused at Molly's house, took our classic picture on the deck, and then headed up to Bellevue for a girls dinner at Pearl.
In the car on the way up we enjoyed chatting and catching up, I confessed my secret love for Justin Bieber, Molly talked about not having her visa yet for India, you know the usual stuff. The one thing I was so looking forward to was FINALLY getting to park valet, it's kind of a long story but let's just say the last time we all went somewhere together and I wanted to park valet, they wouldn't let me, this time however- they did! Dinner was of course fantastic, we started off with calamari and each got a different delicious entree! Katia, my sweet little sister sent them up with a birthday cake just for me, so as we finished up with dinner out came a beautiful cake decorated with candles, the girls even sang Happy Birthday! 
I would have to say that my favorite part of dinner was not only the fact that we were all together sharing our favorite memories, laughing and talking about our futures, but the fact that we've all been friends since 9th grade, through it all we've managed to keep in touch! When dinner was over we piled back into the car and made our way across the I 90 bridge to Amber in Belltown, where we had a couch and bartender waiting for us upstairs! 

The night was fantastic, amazing, great, I could go on and on. It meant so much to me to be surrounded by such wonderful friends, I am so thankful to have each of them in my life. John Lennon once said "I get by with a little help from my friends." I have to say I couldn't agree more, it's my friends who've helped get me through the good and not so great times in my life, they're the ones I know I can always turn to whether it be a good laugh, a hug, or a tissue. Thank you ladies for a super fabulous night! You'll notice that I threw in some older photos of us, we're all grown up now! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


 I absolutely love where I live. The beach is literally in my backyard, it takes me less than five minutes to walk down to it. I wake up every morning and get to see the ocean, who wouldn't love that? Today for like an hour it miraculously stopped raining so I quickly threw on my tennis shoes and jacket, put Amelia's leash on (She's my dog), got my iShuffle all set and headed out for a nice stroll. A good walk is a great way to clear your head, Amelia and I sat at the beach for a bit and watched the kayaks and boats go by, it was so relaxing.
Please excuse my hair and weird eyes in this picture, the sun was super bright, I just thought Amelia looked good in it!

Oh my!

Do you know what today is? Today is the first day of the Nordstrom (Note that there is no "s" in Nordstrom, thank you!) Half-Yearly sale. Though I haven't been into the store yet, I think I already have like 9 things in my cart...I know it's awful but there are so many great deals, and I get double rewards points if I use my Nordstrom card to make my purchases, that's justification enough isn't it? At least that is what I keep telling myself. Here are some of the things I've picked out so far...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm telling you, The Frisky is the most amazing website. I was reading through it and came across this article...

21 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 21

MSN recently posted a listicle entitled “31 Things I Wish I’d Known About Dating When I was 21,” which made me think of everything I, too, wish I’d known (about dating and everything else) when I was 21. Instead, I had to learn things the hard way. Save yourself the trouble and just read my list. After the jump, 21 things I wish I’d known when I was 21.
  1. Champagne, vodka, gin and beer don’t mix well.
  2. If he’s not ever calling before 11 p.m., he’s not interested in a real relationship.
  3. “Comfort” and “security” aren’t big enough reasons to stay with someone.
  4. Guys don’t care about — or even notice — those 10 extra pounds.
  5. Love is rarely packaged the way you expect it to be.
  6. It’s generally much kinder to be be direct with someone than pussy-foot around the truth in order to spare feelings.
  7. One of the biggest keys to making friendships last is being flexible in your expectations.
  8. If your happiness with someone is contingent on one little thing he or she needs to change, cut your losses and move on.
  9. If you don’t have the money to pay cash for it, don’t buy it.
  10. Box dye jobs look like box dye jobs (especially if you’re going for red).
  11. If his friends hate you, your days together are probably numbered.
  12. Relationships are not supposed to be hard in the beginning.
  13. If he says he doesn’t want a relationship, he really means it.
  14. Eyebrows really don’t grow back if they’re overly tweezed.
  15. Nude underwear is really the only acceptable color to wear under white pants.
  16. This moment — however good or bad it is — will be just a blip on the radar two years from now.
  17. If he seems obsessed with his ex, he probably is.
  18. Holding a grudge is bad for your back (and soul).
  19. When a vet says your cat has cancer, get a second opinion before you let him operate!!!
  20. A teaspoon is not the same thing as a tablespoon.
  21. Buying it one size too small won’t make you lose weight any faster.

I couldn't even think of a good title for this post, because to be honest I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now. All I know is that I wish I could be anywhere but here, anywhere but my house. It's raining outside and its windy, elements that definitely do not help soothe a rough day. Too many things are going through my mind, like, what do I do now? How do I cook those steaks I bought for dinner for tomorrow night, I don't know how to do that! Well anyway, these are some remedies I like to turn to when I'm feeling down. 

I always like to watch the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, it's a classic after all. 

I'm drinking hot water with a little lemon.

In my comfy PJ's. 

Curled up with my dog!

I hope tomorrow is a better day. On the bright side my birthday is this Saturday so things have to get better right? Oh and my song for today is by Tyrone Wells, it's called "Wondering Where You Are". 

Monday, May 24, 2010


Seattle as I'm sure you've guessed because it's in my blog name is where I enjoy spending my time. The city just has so much to offer, the possibilities are endless. Over the weekend I got to spend the day supporting Seattle's sports! My best friend Kelly invited me to go to the Sounders game and Mariners game! Not only was the day a ton of fun but I have to say the most memorable part was that we experienced literally all the elements in one day. I was up by 8am and downtown by about 10am, the sun was shining, sky was clear- it was beautiful out! As I pulled into the city I was almost regretting my decision to not wear shorts and wishing I had grabbed my sunglasses. All through the soccer game (which we lost btw, to the San Jose Earthquakes) the sun was out and it was gorgeous. After the game we even had a bbq OUTSIDE! Then, out of no where clouds started rolling in and the entire sky was covered in darkness, the wind started blowing and the rain began to fall. Rain falling from the sky when it's windy is a bad combination because it makes the rain come down sideways which in my opinion is worse than normal straight falling rain- if that even makes sense? It was time to head to the Mariners game and you can bet that we had our rain coats with hoods in hand. I would also like to mention that the Mariners lost that day to the San Diego Padres (not the most ideal day for sports). Their loss is beside the point though, because as we left Safeco when the game ended, we were in search for a cab, can you guess what happened? It began to pour down rain, it just dumped, I mean I was seriously considering asking around where Noah's Ark was so I could save myself from the flood. After walking about 6 blocks and being completely drenched we found cabs that took us home. My socks were wet, my hair was soaked- it was as if I took a shower in my clothes. Regardless of all the crazy weather we had a fantastic day, I don't think life gets much better when you're with good friends, eating great food, laughing and living life.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love at first sight

I fell in love today with a pair of shoes, it was love at first sight when I saw them sitting there under the bright lights in the shoe department at Nordstrom. Perfectly positioned right in front of me, I swear it was meant to be.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My song

I love Carrie Underwood, not only is she stunning but she has a great voice and her music is really relevant to life. "Undo It" is currently on repeat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Man I feel like things have been so hectic lately! Keeping up with things at work, home and school have kept me from blogging, sorry guys. Right now I'm just sitting on the couch at home, I just finished watching Episode 6 of Season 4 of The Tudors- it is the most incredible show ever, pretty much I am addicted to Showtime- they have awesome shows, another one of my favorites is Dexter. 

Lately I've been listening to B.o.B's album The Adventures of Bobby Ray. 

I've discovered the most amazing mascara ever! Cover Girl's Lash Blast Luxe Mascara. 

Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume- it smells incredible!

I'm reading Arthur Schopenhaur's book The World as Will and Representation.

My new Chloe Paddington Satchel

Playing Scrabble. 

And, this incredible Tory Burch dress. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Miss this

There are days when I really miss my blonde hair, today I miss it a lot.

The Frisky

My good friend Kora introduced me to this cool new website called The Frisky, it's really clever because they have information on just about everything, news, fashion, relationtions etc. I read this article this morning and loved it! Thought I would share a little tidbit with you! 

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? How did you recover?
If he’s not over the worst thing that ever happened to him, that’s a big red flag—especially if it was a past romantic liaison. (He gets a pass if it was something truly ghastly, like his whole family dying in a plane crash.) Then again, if his personal worst was something mind-numbingly stupid—like getting cut from the JV soccer team—you might want to keep walking because boyfriend is seriously lacking in perspective or living a charmed life. Both are equally annoying.
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
If he gives you a blank stare because he’s always working, you’re probably not going to see much of him anyway, so why bother? Ditto the dude who never works: Two sides of the same crap card.
Another item to consider is that if you’re an outdoorsy type and his answer entails sitting in a damp basement playing World of Warcraft with several hundred virtual friends, you’re probably not going to have much in common. Your interests don’t have to mirror each other’s, but it’s a good thing if they at least reside on the same planet.
What do you do when you’re alone? With your friends?
Dating the life of the party can be fun, but when someone is never alone, more often than not you’re dealing with someone who finds safety (from his own thoughts) in numbers. So unless your idea of a romantic evening includes four of his frat brothers, two cousins and assorted hangers-on, you might want to think twice.
Think five or six times if he doesn’t have any friends. Believe me, I’ve been down the dating-the-loner road and it can get a tad scary.
How do you feel about your mother?
The man who hates his mom is obviously one to be avoided. On the flipside of loathing, I’ll never forget the date who rhapsodized at great length about his “hot” mother during our first and last outing. According to this person she’d expelled from her uterus, she was the sexiest woman who ever lived. Ick doesn’t begin to describe it.
The right answer should be along the lines of “I love her, but she can drive me crazy.”
I agree that getting answers to these four questions will help you weed out the creeps and the freaks, but I’m not so sure that they’re all you need to know about a person before you get naked and sweaty with them. What are some questions you’d ask prospective partners?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Mom and Katia

Katia, Mom and I in Mexico!

I've been so swamped lately I haven't had much of a chance to get on here to post things! Mother's Day was Sunday, it made me think about my mom a lot. I sure do miss her! A favorite song of mine and my sister's is Taylor Swift's song The Best Day. It reminds us a lot of our mom! Here is the video.
Love you mom! The first picture above is of her and I when I was 15, it was at the airport waiting for my flight to Tokyo Japan.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Mormon Proposition

Saw this video link on a friend's Twitter, looking forward to this movie! Looks interesting, it comes out June 18.


I have to say I used to be a fan of Miley Cyrus- I thought her music was fun and very girly, I even met her once. We were sitting at a table next to hers when I was in LA a while back at The Ivy, she was so sweet, friendly and outgoing. When I heard the title of her new song, "Can't Be Tamed" I had a feeling that I wasn't going to like it. I don't want to say I hate it but I definitely do not care for the song or video AT ALL. Who is she trying to appeal to? Her attempt at being this sexy bird trapped in some cage at what I think is a museum just doesn't fit. She really should wait until she's older, I personally don't believe it yet, she's still to young in my mind to be perceived as hot and sexy. Immediately when this video began I thought it seemed very Britney Spears, the whole being stuck in a cage thing rubbing up against your dancers has already been done Miley. I don't think this song is going to be heard playing in bars and clubs in Seattle or anywhere else for that matter. It's way repetative and some of the lyrics are a bit ridiculous, like her saying she goes through boys like money? Really Miley? Oh well. This must be some desperate try at breaking free from her innocent and perfect Disney image, I wonder if her fans will continue to follow her.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wishes do come true

Is there a meaning to life?

I love to read. I like books of all genres really, from Twilight, to Rebecca to books on politics- right now I'm reading three books, still reading through the Bible, Dante Alighieri's The Inferno, and The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. All have made me think and examine what the meaning of life is to me. I realize this is a super subjective question as everyone interprets things according to their beliefs, backgrounds and life experiences. In reading these books a professor at school also mentioned a book by Tolstoy titled A Confession, he told me to read this part of the book specifically, 

The foregoing was written by me some three years ago, and will be printed.
Now a few days ago, when revising it and returning to the line of thought and to the feelings I had when I was living through it all, I had a dream. This dream expressed in condensed form all that I had experienced and described, and I think therefore that, for those who have understood me, a description of this dream will refresh and elucidate and unify what has been set forth at such length in the foregoing pages. The dream was this:
I saw that I was lying on a bed. I was neither comfortable nor uncomfortable: I was lying on my back. But I began to consider how, and on what, I was lying - a question which had not till then occurred to me. And observing my bed, I saw I was lying on plaited string supports attached to its sides: my feet were resting on one such support, by calves on another, and my legs felt uncomfortable. I seemed to know that those supports were movable, and with a movement of my foot I pushed away the furthest of them at my feet - it seemed to me that it would be more comfortable so. But I pushed it away too far and wished to reach it again with my foot, and that movement caused the next support under my calves to slip away also, so that my legs hung in the air. I made a movement with my whole body to adjust myself, fully convinced that I could do so at once; but the movement caused the other supports under me to slip and to become entangled, and I saw that matters were going quite wrong: the whole of the lower part of my body slipped and hung down, though my feet did not reach the ground. I was holding on only by the upper part of my back, and not only did it become uncomfortable but I was even frightened. And then only did I ask myself about something that had not before occurred to me. I asked myself: Where am I and what am I lying on? and I began to look around and first of all to look down in the direction which my body was hanging and whither I felt I must soon fall. I looked down and did not believe my eyes. I was not only at a height comparable to the height of the highest towers or mountains, but at a height such as I could never have imagined.
I could not even make out whether I saw anything there below, in that bottomless abyss over which I was hanging and whither I was being drawn. My heart contracted, and I experienced horror. To look thither was terrible. If I looked thither I felt that I should at once slip from the last support and perish. And I did not look. But not to look was still worse, for I thought of what would happen to me directly I fell from the last support. And I felt that from fear I was losing my last supports, and that my back was slowly slipping lower and lower. Another moment and I should drop off. And then it occurred to me that this cannot be real. It is a dream. Wake up! I try to arouse myself but cannot do so. What am I to do? What am I to do? I ask myself, and look upwards. Above, there is also an infinite space. I look into the immensity of sky and try to forget about the immensity below, and I really do forget it. The immensity below repels and frightens me; the immensity above attracts and strengthens me. I am still supported above the abyss by the last supports that have not yet slipped from under me; I know that I am hanging, but I look only upwards and my fear passes. As happens in dreams, a voice says: "Notice this, this is it!" And I look more and more into the infinite above me and feel that I am becoming calm. I remember all that has happened, and remember how it all happened; how I moved my legs, how I hung down, how frightened I was, and how I was saved from fear by looking upwards. And I ask myself: Well, and now am I not hanging just the same? And I do not so much look round as experience with my whole body the point of support on which I am held. I see that I no longer hang as if about to fall, but am firmly held. I ask myself how I am held: I feel about, look round, and see that under me, under the middle of my body, there is one support, and that when I look upwards I lie on it in the position of securest balance, and that it alone gave me support before. And then, as happens in dreams, I imagined the mechanism by means of which I was held; a very natural intelligible, and sure means, though to one awake that mechanism has no sense. I was even surprised in my dream that I had not understood it sooner. It appeared that at my head there was a pillar, and the security of that slender pillar was undoubted though there was nothing to support it. From the pillar a loop hung very ingeniously and yet simply, and if one lay with the middle of one's body in that loop and looked up, there could be no question of falling. This was all clear to me, and I was glad and tranquil. And it seemed as if someone said to me: "See that you remember."And I awoke. 1882.
Basically he asked me how I interpreted this "dream" and if it was indeed God speaking to Tolstoy in his dream? I ended up getting in a big debate with a classmate about this. it was interesting. 

Eleanor Roosevelt

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love this

How To Train Your Dragon

Ah, where to start. Tonight my sister and I took our little brother to go see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. I'd heard a lot about it so figured it was a good opportunity to spend time with the siblings. Great bonding in my mind. The movie was fantastic! Such a sweet story, I was almost in tears at the end too, can you believe that? The 3D was also a fun touch, there were parts where I felt like I was flying on the back of a dragon. We all left the theatre wishing we too could have a pet dragon. 

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