Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I pretty much like all kinds of music- with the exception of profane rap, and heavy metal rock where they're screaming so much you have no idea what they're saying.


iTunes suggested to me that I might like Parachute, The Script and Rob Thomas' albums- you know how they suggest music you might like when you're looking at another artist? I took iTune's suggestions and bought all three albums. I love them! The music is so great!

From Rob Thomas' album my fav song is "Hard on You"
From Parachute's album my fav is "The Mess I Made"
From The Script's album my fav is "Rusty Halo"

If you have a chance I suggest you check out these artists- so good! I'm glad I found them because I need to come up with a good playlist for my drive to the Washington Coast this weekend for my families annual beach trip!

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