Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the day

I was just going through my desk, clearing out things I no longer need and I came across this paper I wrote up for an introductory communications class I wrote back when I started college, thought it was funny. It must have been a paper on some kind of weird personal ad, I can't remember.

Brunette Bookworm Seeks Tuxedo Wearing Gentleman

Brunette female seeking fun, outgoing, adventurous, tall dark and handsome male for potential date. Brunette bookworm is 5'6, big brown eyes, tan, gregarious, love the outdoors, going to dinners, and traveling. Brunette bookworm also loves sushi, Starbucks, dogs, exercise, movies, tropical flowers, high heels, dresses, oversized sunglasses, photography, fine art, and only sour candy. Brunette bookworm dislikes sweet candy, milk chocolate, carnation flowers, cheesy pick-up lines, burgers, and Italian food. Will most likely find brunette bookworm on her phone talking/texting/emailing, on a plane, on a beach, at a hair salon, at Nordstrom, or in a library. You will never find her at a skate park, tattoo parlor, Olive Garden or rap concert. Favorite movies include Gone With the Wind and dislikes Garden State. Values family, honesty, kindness, respect, patience, and chivalry. Potential gentleman must also be willing to go sky diving, walk her dog, and make her laugh. Also enjoys yoga, volunteering for various charitable organizations, and spending time with family. Gentleman must be well groomed, no long hair please, well dressed, educated and have a good sense of humor. Gentleman must also enjoy going to baseball games, football games, playing golf tennis, fishing, crabbing, cooking, and swimming. Owning a tuxedo is a plus!

--can you say picky?!


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