Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So excited!

My sister and I are going to see John Mayer tomorrow at the Key Arena in Seattle. Let's just say I'm crazy excited to see him again! The last time I saw him perform was in 2006 when he was the opening act for Sheryl Crow's tour. He is AMAZING on the guitar and has the smoothest voice around, in honor of tomorrow and my excitement I thought I would post this video of one of my favorite songs of his...someday I hope someone will say these things to me :). I'm a silly, mushy, hopeless romantic after all.

John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: John_Mayer

Did I mention?

That my favorite color is pink? I love it actually, its bright and happy and very girly.
I'd like a room like this...

A couch like this...

This Betsey Dress

And these pink Betsey heels..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Trina

One of my favorite designers is Trina Turk, her clothes are classy, sophisticated, and feminine. I love the colors she uses and prints on her clothes, I was browsing her website earlier and picked out these outfits!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the..

On the way to the airport this morning I was listening to the radio- the host mentioned something about a new concept car being showcased at some electronics expo in Shanghai today by GM, the host described the car as looking much like a household vacuum. Of course after hearing this I knew I had to "Google" this new car with the free wifi provided to me by the airport (*Thank you SeaTac!*).
Here are a few pictures I found, I guess its an electric car that is so smart it swerves out of the way if it can sense you're about to get into an accident. It can go as fast as 35mph (fast huh?) and go for about 35 miles on a full charge. Will I be driving one? No thanks.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Modern Family

Have you seen Modern Family? It's a show on ABC and if you haven't watched an episode yet, you really should consider it. It's so funny and pretty much just pokes fun at normal every day family situations. I think my favorite family is Cam, Mitchell, and Lily- they're hilarious! This is one of the only shows I can actually watch and literally laugh out loud.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The boyfriend blazer

Another thing I love is the boyfriend blazer, I swear it goes with everything. Jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, you name it! It adds sophistication to any outfit and gives you a sense of power and smarts- I think at least. You'll also note that once again one of my favorite fashion icons Nicky Hilton is pictured below!

So chic

I love Nicky Hilton- I think she's so chic and I really like this outfit she wore! Looks like she's ready for a night out. Can I have one please?

Monday, March 22, 2010

My favorite movie

Have you seen the movie Two Weeks Notice? I'm watching it right now and it's definitely one of my favorite movies. Sandra Bullock is fantastic, so funny and lively. Hugh Grant is pretty pleasing to look at too.

Wined and Dined

It's important to me to spend time with my family whenever I can, this weekend I organized another trip up to the St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. My dad, sister and I went for a tour of the winery, a tasting and then dinner afterwards. I also had to pick up my spring wine selections, as I am a member of their wine club. The day could not have been more beautiful, it was sunny, clear skies and about 65 degrees. Not exactly the most common March weather for Washington- but who's complaining.

The winery tour was a lot of fun, we learned that most of the wine made at the winery is actually white wine and that it can be oak aged in the barrels or steel aged, in these huge metal containers. At the end of the tour we got to try a few different selection of wine, a chard, cab sauv, and a sweeter dessert wine a muscat canelli- which was my personal favorite. I ended up leaving with a case of it!
After leaving the winery, we headed down the road to an amazing wine bar called Purple- if you haven't been you NEED to go. The wine is fantastic and the food is to die for. I ordered their free range chicken marsala, all I have to say is wow it was fabulous. They have several locations throughout Seattle, Bellevue and Woodinville.
All in all it was an awesome day, family bonding at it's finest!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Something else

So my dad, being the awesome guy he is bought me another book. I'm sure you're just dying to know right? This time its a much more hmmm should I say complex and spiritual book? It's titled Transformation in Christ by Dietrich Von Hildebrand. Something I've been wanting to do is form a stronger relationship with God, I was raised Catholic, went to church every Sunday etc. The last few years though I just kind of stopped going, I wouldn't say I abandoned my faith I just was concentrated on other things. I'm trying to change that now anyway.
I don't know if she knows it, but someone I really look up to as a role model is my cousin Olivia, (I realize we're technically not cousins but close enough!), I swear that girl has it all but most of all she really seems to have a solid relationship with God and I really admire her for that, and aspire to be like her. Seeing her relationship with God and with Brian her husband makes me want to want to try harder, I swear something feels like it's missing in my life, a void if you will. I realize some of you may think its stilly but of course that is fine because everyone is entitled to an opinion. Anywho I plan on reading this book and hope to get a lot out of it. We shall see!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a #@!$%

What is it with men? Seriously? They're JERKS. I just read that Jesse James admitted or apologized for cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock for almost 11 months! That is so terrible, what is wrong with society today? How devastating for Sandra, she won an Oscar only recently and even thanked Jesse in her speech and spoke about how much she loved him and this is what he does to her. Sorry guys but right now I'm man hating just a little. I feel like I can't go a day or a week without hearing of more infidelity. Where are all the good men? Now Jesse wants to turn around and say sorry? Sorry dude that's not how it works. On a side note, I hate the word sorry because really, what does it do for you? NOTHING. It doesn't change the fact that you betrayed someone it does absolutely nothing. How about just not doing anything to be sorry about?

In the apology, James never directly admits to having an affair, but says, "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me."

James says a "vast majority" of the allegations made against him are "untrue and unfounded," but says, "It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."

Jesse goes on to say, "This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

First Elin, Halle, Sienna, and now Sandra? Really guys?

I never said it wouldn't get personal

So my father bought me this amazing book, How To Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk- The foolproof Way to Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind by John Van Epp. I have to say I was a bit skeptical when my dad handed it to me, I was like "come on dad, I don't need this. I'm perfectly capable of selecting a nice guy, a normal guy." He then laughed at me and said one word, one name, Erik. Yes, ok, there was a time when I was head over heels for a jerk. So I guess this is my dad's attempt to help out his little girl without psychoanalyzing me himself (My dad is a psychiatrist). I've started reading the book and I have to say it is actually really good, I find myself answering back to the author's writing, thinking, yes, yes yes! I've been in that situation, I know exactly what you're talking about. So ladies if you haven't already you need to read this book, actually guys too because one of the opening lines of the book is that "jerks have no gender, they come in all shapes, forms, and sizes."

I'm going to quote the book some so you can get the idea of how great it is!

"The most fundamental identifying feature of a true jerk is their persistent resistance to ever changing their core jerk qualities. No matter how many times they have been confronted by you or others, they still persist in their hurtful pattern."
"The first criterion for identifying a jerk is the habit of breaking boundaries. Boundary breakers come in many forms. One common type is the player. Players have an insatiable appetite for attention and the intoxicating excitement of infatuation. For a player, living, within the fences of one relationship is both boring and unfulfilled."
"Good-hearted people have the greatest risk for staying in a relationship with a jerk, because good-hearted people so quickly forgive, overlook problems, minimize shortcomings, and give second chances."
"Time is the ultimate proof of a promise to change."

Like I said above, its a fun and easy read. I highly recommend you pick it up right away.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fainting goats

So my good friend Michael was over the other day and told me about his experience with these animals called fainting goats- he explained that when they get scared or startled they literally get stunned and tip over to the ground. I was so intrigued that I had to go on YouTube and look these guys up- I found this video and I know it's silly but I have to say I laughed so hard yesterday that my stomach hurts today. Thought I would share it with you. Don't you think it's funny??

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Oh, oh, oh! I like this video on how to create a good smokey eye!!


Alright, I found another, I know its my second video but hey it's helped me. Maybe it will help you.


So another thing I'm doing in preparation for this evening is trying to figure out how I'm going to style my hair! I found this great video on YouTube- I'm thinking about doing the first up do, thoughts?

Wow Wow Wow

I'm not one who wears a ton of make up all the time, however tonight I have a formal event to attend and needed a foundation that was going to make my face look flawless and something that would last all night. I figured there was no better place to get good make up advise than Sephora right? The lovely lady at the Benefit counter was very helpful and recommended I try "you rebel" by them which is a tinted moisturizer,

along with a really nice sealing powder called "hello flawless"
She put them on my face and oh my word, my face looked so clear! Of course I was sold, it also helped that they were having a special gift with purchase deal that if you spent over $50 you'd get two free full sized eye shadows. How can you say no to that?

Friday, March 12, 2010


So I watched the movie The Hurt Locker last night- I had heard all about it in the news and on TV, about how it was nominated for Best Picture and ended up winning! It was a great film, very intense, full of action and emotion. My new crush is Jeremy Renner, he plays one of the main characters in the movie. I think he's a stud.

I love my dog

I love to travel whether its a couple hours south to Portland, a little north to Vancouver BC- or even farther away to California or even the east coast. Something or should I say someone else important in my life is my dog! Over the summer I went down to Malibu, California for a Doodle Romp- it's basically where people who own any kind of Doodle come together and meet other owners and pets. It was a lot of fun, the weather was awesome and I had the chance to meet a lot of great people and pups. What was really cool was that Barbara Eden (Jeanie, from the show I Dream of Jeanie) was there, she herself has a doodle. TMZ was there interviewing her as well as Malibu Life Magazine, who actually took a photograph of me and published it! I never pass up the chance for a quick trip and a chance for fun. My dog and I actually won an award for the Doodle and parent that traveled the farthest to attend the event!
We met Barbara!

She held my dog in her interview!

Our Award!


It's Friday! Finally the weekend is here. I only have a few more hours of work and then I'm headed south for home. As I've probably mentioned before I love shoes, I also love Rachel Zoe- I think she is absolutely fabulous and always has great style tips and advise. I have this picture of her in her closet as my screen saver right now. When I grow up I want my closet to be just like her's. Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't care what anyone says, I think Justin Bieber is the most adorable thing ever. It's funny when my sister or I talk about him with our little brother, he always gets a sour look on his face and says he's silly. I think it's because all the little boys my brothers age are intimidated and don't like him because all the little girls at school love JB as much as me! Anyway I saw this picture and thought it was worth sharing.

I had no idea...

That this is Taylor Swift with straight hair!


So I'm totally in the blogging mood and thought I would also share with you this snazzy photo. Alexis Bittar, one of my most favorite jewelry designers. Her bangles are to die for.


Alright, I'm a very opinionated person. I try and read as much as I can whether it be about fashion, health, news, politics, whatever. I came across this treaty that the US put together with some of the Native Americans here in the NW and after reading it I have to say the US completely SCREWED them over. We took away their lands, told them we'd give them money but that it would be paid over time and our President could decide how it was spent, we made them go to American schools and wanted them to abandon their way of life, so sad. It's long I know but well worth the read.

Treaty of Point Elliott, 1855

The Point Elliott Treaty was signed on January 22, 1855, by Isaac Stevens (1818-1862), Governor of Washington Territory, and by Duwamish Chief Seattle, Snoqualmie Chief Patkanim, Lummi Chief Chow-its-hoot, and other chiefs, subchiefs, and delegates of tribes, bands, and villages. Following is the complete text of the treaty.

Treaty of Point Elliott, 1855

Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded at Muckl-te-oh, or Point Elliott, in the territory of Washington, this twenty-second day of January, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, by Isaac I. Stevens, governor and superintendent of Indian affairs for the said Territory, on the part of the United States, and the undersigned chiefs, head-men and delegates of the Dwamish, Suquamish, Sk-kahl-mish, Sam-ahmish, Smalh-kamish, Skope-ahmish, St-kah-mish, Snoqualmoo, Skai-wha-mish, N'Quentl-ma-mish, Sk-tah-le-jum, Stoluck-wha-mish, Sno-ho-mish, Skagit, Kik-i-allus, Swin-a-mish, Squin-ah-mish, Sah-ku-mehu, Noo-wha-ha, Nook-wa-chah-mish, Mee-see-qua-guilch, Cho-bah-ah-bish, and othe allied and subordinate tribes and bands of Indians occupying certain lands situated in said Territory of Washington, on behalf of said tribes, and duly authorized by them.

ARTICLE 1. The said tribes and bands of Indians hereby cede, relinquish, and convey to the United States all their right, title, and interest in and to the lands and country occupied by them, bounded and described as follows: Commencing at a point on the eastern side of Admiralty Inlet, known as Point Pully, about midway between Commencement and Elliott Bays; thence eastwardly, running along the north line of lands heretofore ceded to the United States by the Nisqually, Puyallup, and other Indians, to the summit of the Cascade range of mountains; thence northwardly, following the summit of said range to the 49th parallel of north latitude; thence west, along said parallel to the middle of the Gulf of Georgia; thence through the middle of said gulf and the main channel through the Canal de Arro to the Straits of Fuca, and crossing the same through the middle of Admiralty Inlet to Suquamish Head; thence southwesterly, through the peninsula, and following the divide between Hood's Canal and Admiralty Inlet to the portage known as Wilkes' Portage; thence northeastwardly, and following the line of lands heretofore ceded as aforesaid to Point Southworth, on the western side of Admiralty Inlet, and thence around the foot of Vashon's Island eastwardly and southeastwardly to the place of beginning, including all the islands comprised within said boundaries, and all the right, title, and interest of the said tribes and bands to any lands within the territory of the United States.

ARTICLE 2. There is, however, reserved for the present use and occupation of the said tribes and bands the following tracts of land, viz: the amount of two sections, or twelve hundred and eighty acres, surrounding the small bight at the head of Port Madison, called by the Indians Noo-sohk-um; the amount of two sections, or twelve hundred and eighty acres, on the north side Hwhomish Bay and the creek emptying into the same called Kwilt-seh-da, the peninsula at the southeastern end of Perry's Island, called Shais-quihl, and the island called Chah-choo-sen, situated in the Lummi River at the point of separation of the mouths emptying respectively into Bellingham Bay and the Gulf of Georgia. All which tracts shall be set apart, and so far as necessary surveyed and marked out for their exclusive use; nor shall any white man be permitted to reside upon the same without permission of the said tribes or bands, and of the superintendent or agent, but, if necessary for the public convenience, roads may be run through the said reserves, the Indians being compensated for any damage thereby done them.

ARTICLE 3. There is also reserved from out the lands hereby ceded the amount of thirty-six sections, or one township of land, on the northeastern shore of Port Gardner, and north of the mouth of Snohomish River, including Tulalip Bay and the before-mentioned Kwilt-seh-da Creek, for the purpose of establishing thereon an agricultural and industrial school, as hereinafter mentioned and agreed, and with a view of ultimately drawing thereto and settling thereon all the Indians living west of the Cascade Mountains in said Territory. Provided, however, That the President may establish the central agency and general reservation at such other point as he may deem for the benefit of the Indians.

ARTICLE 4. The said tribes and bands agree to remove to and settle upon the said first above-mentioned reservations within one year after the ratification of this treaty, or sooner, if the means are furnished them. In the mean time it shall be lawful for them to reside upon any land not in the actual claim and occupation of citizens of the United States, and upon any land claimed or occupied, if with the pe-mission of the owner.

ARTICLE 5. The right of taking fish at usual and accustomed grounds and stations is further secured to said Indians in common with all citizens of the Territory, and of erecting temporary houses for the purpose of curing, together with the privilege of hunting and gathering roots and berries on open and unclaimed lands. Provided, however, That they shall not take shell-fish from any beds staked or cultivated by citizens.

ARTICLE 6. In consideration of the above cession, the United States agree to pay to the said tribes and bands the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, in the following manner - - that is to say: For the first year after the ratification hereof, fifteen thousand dollars; for the next two year, twelve thousand dollars each year; for the next three years, ten thousand dollars each year; for the next four years, seven thousand five hundred dollars each years; for the next five years, six thousand dollars each year; and for the last five years, four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each year. All which said sums of money shall be applied to the use and benefit of the said Indians, under the direction of the President of the United States, who may, from time to time, determine at his discretion upon what beneficial objects to expend the same; and the superintendent of Indian affairs, or other proper officer, shall each year inform the President of the wishes of said Indians in respect thereto.

ARTICLE 7. The President may hereafter, when in his opinion the interests of the Territory shall require and the welfare of the said Indians be promoted, remove them from either or all of the special reservations hereinbefore make to the said general reservation, or such other suitable place within said Territory as he may deem fit, on remunerating them for their improvements and the expenses of such removal, or may consolidate them with other friendly tribes or bands; and he may further at his discretion cause the whole or any portion of the lands hereby reserved, or of such other land as may be selected in lieu thereof, to be surveyed into lots, and assign the same to such individuals or families as are willing to avail themselves of the privilege, and will locate on the same as a permanent home on the same terms and subject to the same regulations as are provided in the sixth article of the treaty with the Omahas, so far as the same may be applicable. Any substantial improvements heretofore made by any Indian, and which he shall be compelled to abandon in consequence of this treaty, shall be valued under the direction of the President and payment made accordingly therefor.

ARTICLE 8. The annuities of the aforesaid tribes and bands shall not be taken to pay the debts of individuals.

ARTICLE 9. The said tribes and bands acknowledge their dependence on the Government of the United States, and promise to be friendly with all citizens thereof, and they pledge themselves to commit no depredations on the property of such citizens. Should any one or more of them violate this pledge, and the fact be satisfactorily proven before the agent, the property taken shall be returned, or in default thereof, of if injured or destroyed, compensation may be made by the Government out of their annuities. Nor will they make war on any other tribe except in self-defence, but will submit all matters of difference between them and the other Indians to the Government of the United States or its agent for decision, and abide thereby. And if any of the said Indians commit depredations on other Indians within the Territory the same rule shall prevail as that prescribed in this article in cases of depredations against citizens. And the said tribes agree not to shelter or conceal offenders against the laws of the United States, but to deliver them up to the authorities for trial.

ARTICLE 10. The above tribes and bands are desirous to exclude from their reservations the use of ardent spirits, and to prevent their people from drinking the same, and therefore it is provided that any Indian belonging to said tribe who is guilty of bringing liquor into said reservations, or who drinks liquor, may have his or her proportion of the annuities withheld from him or her for such time as the President may determine.

ARTICLE 11. The said tribes and bands agree to free all slaves now held by them and not to purchase or acquire others hereafter.

ARTICLE 12. The said tribes and bands further agree not to trade at Vancouver's Island or elsewhere out of the dominions of the United States, nor shall foreign Indians be permitted to reside in their reservations without consent of the superintendent or agent.

ARTICLE 13. To enable the said Indians to remove to and settle upon their aforesaid reservations, and to clear, fence, and break up a sufficient quantity of land for cultivation, the United States further agree to pay the sum of fifteen thousand dollars to be laid out and expended under the direction of the President and in such manner as he shall approve.

ARTICLE 14. The United States further agree to establish at the general agency for the district of Puget's Sound, within one year from the ratification hereof, and to support for a period of twenty years, an agricultural and industrial school, to be free to children of the said tribes and bands in common with those of the other tribes of said district, and to provide the said school with a suitable instructor or instructors, and also to provide a smithy and carpenter's shop, and furnish them with the necessary tools, and employ a blacksmith, carpenter, and farmer for the like term of twenty years to instruct the Indians in their respective occupations. And the United States finally agree to employ a physician to reside at the said central agency, who shall furnish medicine and advice to their sick, and shall vaccinate them; the expenses of said school, shops, persons employed, and medical attendance to be defrayed by the United States, and not deducted from the annuities.

ARTICLE 15. This treaty shall be obligatory on the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified by the President and Senate of the United States.

In testimony whereof, the said Isaac I. Stevens, governor and superintendent of Indian affairs, and the undersigned chiefs, headmen, and delegates of the aforesaid tribes and bands of Indians, have hereunto set their hands and seals, at the place and on the day and year hereinbefore written.

Issac I. Stevens, Governor and Superintendent. (L.S.)

Seattle, Chief of the Dwamish and Suquamish tribes, his x mark. (L. S.)

Pat-ka-nam, Chief of the Snoqualmoo, Snohomish and other tribes, his x mark. (L.S.)

Chow-its-hoot, Chief of the Lummi and other tribes, his x mark. (L. S.)

Goliah, Chief of the Skagits and other allied tribes, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kwallattum, or General Pierce, Sub-chief of the Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'hootst-hoot, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Snah-talc, or Bonaparte, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Squush-um, or The Smoke, Sub-chief of the Snoqualmoo, his x mark. (L.S.)

See-alla-pa-han, or The Priest, Sub-chief of Sk-tah-le-jum, his x mark. (L.S.)

He-uch-ka-nam, or George Bonaparte, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Tse-nah-talc, or Joseph Bonaparte, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ns'ski-oos, or Jackson, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Wats-ka-lah-tchie, or John Hobtsthoot, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Smeh-mai-hu, Sub-chief of Skai-wha-mish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Slat-eah-ka-nam, Sub-chief of Snoqualmoo, his x mark. (L.S.)

St'hau-ai, Sub-chief of Snoqualmoo, his x mark. (L.S.)

Lugs-ken, Sub-chief of Skai-wha-mish, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'heht-soolt, or Peter, Sub-chief of Snohomish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Do-queh-oo-satl, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

John Kanam, Snoqualmoo sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Klemsh-ka-nam, Snoqualmoo, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ts'huahntl, Dwa-mish sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kwuss-ka-nam, or George Snatelum, Sen., Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Hel-mits, or George Snatelum, Skagit sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'kwai-kwi, Skagit tribe, sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Seh-lek-qu, Sub-chief Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'h'-cheh-oos, or General Washington, Sub-chief of Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Whai-lan-hu, or Davy Crockett, Sub-chief of Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

She-ah-delt-hu, Sub-chief of Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kwult-seh, Sub-chief of Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kwull-et-hu, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kleh-kent-soot, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sohn-heh-ovs, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'deh-ap-kan, or General Warren, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Chul-whil-tan, Sub-chief of Suquamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ske-eh-tum, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Patchkanam, or Dome, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sats-Kanam, Squin-ah-nush tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sd-zo-mahtl, Kik-ial-lus band, his x mark. (L.S.)

Dahtl-de-min, Sub-chief of Sah-ku-meh-hu, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sd'zek-du-num, Me-sek-wi-guilse sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Now-a-chais, Sub-chief of Dwamish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Mis-lo-tche, or Wah-hehl-tchoo, Sub-chief of Suquamish, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sloo-noksh-tan, or Jim, Suquamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Moo-whah-lad-hu, or Jack, Suquamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Too-leh-plan, Suquamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ha-seh-doo-an, or Keo-kuck, Dwamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Hoovilt-meh-tum, Sub-chief of Suquamish, his x mark. (L.S.)

We-ai-pah, Skaiwhamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'ah-an-hu, or Hallam, Snohomish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

She-hope, or General Pierce, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Hwn-lah-lakq, or Thomas Jefferson, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Cht-simpt, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Tse-sum-ten, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Klt-hahl-ten, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kut-ta-kanam, or John, Lummi tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ch-lah-ben, Noo-qua-cha-mish band, his x mark. (L.S.)

Noo-heh-oos, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Hweh-uk, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Peh-nus, Skai-whamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Yim-ka-dam, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Twooi-as-kut, Skaiwhamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Luch-al-kanam, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'hoot-kanam, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sme-a-kanam, Snoqualmoo tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sad-zis-keh, Snoqualmoo, his x mark. (L.S.)

Heh-mahl, Skaiwhamish band, his x mark. (L.S.)

Charley, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sampson, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

John Taylor, Snohomish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Hatch-kwentum, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Yo-i-kum, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

T'kwa-ma-han, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Sto-dum-kan, Swinamish band, his x mark. (L.S.)

Be-lole, Swinamish band, his x mark. (L.S.)

D'zo-lole-gwam-hu, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Steh-shail, William, Skaiwhamish band, his x mark. (L.S.)

Kel-kahl-tsoot, Swinamish tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Pat-sen, Skagit tribe, his x mark. (L.S.)

Pat-teh-us, Noo-wha-ah sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

S'hoolk-ka-nam, Lummi sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Ch-lok-suts, Lummi sub-chief, his x mark. (L.S.)

Executed in the presence of us - -

M. T. Simmons, Indian agent.

C. H. Mason, Secretary of Washington Territory.

Benj. F. Shaw, Interpreter.

Chas. M. Hitchcock.

H. a. Goldsborough.

George Gibbs.

John H. Scranton.

Henry D. Cock.

S. S. Ford, jr.

Orrington Cushman.

Ellis Barnes.

R. S. Bailey.

S. M. Collins.

Lafayetee Balch.

E. S. Fowler.

J. H. Hall.

Rob't Davis.

S. Doc. 319, 58-2, vol 2 43

Ratified Mar. 8, 1859.
Proclaimed Apr. 11, 1859.

Freaking out

I love

I'm not by any means a morning person, it's quite the opposite- I love staying up late! The only thing that does get me out of my bed in the morning is the thought of taking that first sip of coffee. There is no way I could function without it, thought I would share another favorite of mine, my Keurig. What's so cool about it is that you can choose all different flavors of coffee, hot chocolate even tea! It makes single cup servings so each cup is hot and fresh. Love, love, love it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I wear many hats

Finals are next week so I'm sitting here at the computer with my green tea in hand and Enya playing quietly in the background. I've been juggling quite a bit this week- school, work, orientation and registration for my little brother Keith who's going into 8th grade next year, Jr. High to be precise (OMG!!), organizing myself for another charity benefit this weekend, and of course trying to stay sane in all of this. Anyway with so much going on it made me think of all the hats I wear in life- this came to light because someone mentioned to me about how once I finish school I am going to enter the "real"world and have "real" responsibility, when in reality I've already been living in the real world since I was 16 years old. I don't know how many 21 year olds are legal guardians of two kids, work a full time job, attend school full time, juggle soccer practices, tennis practices, doctor's appointments, family vacations and paying the bills! I just thought it was funny because in reality I think I've already lived through more than most people twice my age will have experienced. Needless to say I already have a ton of responsibility on my plate, in no way am I complaining though, I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Oh well, I'm grateful for my life and all the wonderful things in it. Just some thoughts I guess :).

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