Monday, January 25, 2010

On the wings of love

I never really got into The Bachelor/Bachelorette show until Jason (who was from Kirkland here in WA) was THE BACHELOR. He shocked me along with the rest of America when he did what he did on that unforgettable season finale. In the end I have to say I admire his choice in Molly- we share the same name after all! I did have a chance to meet Jason last year at a charitable auction and I'll just say this, he is a million times better looking in person!!

Anyway- I've gotten into the newest season of The Bachelor with Jake. I love the cheesy title "On the Wings of Love". Don't get me wrong I like romantic stuff but that name is silly. I guess that's the point right? It might just be me; I swear the show is going by way faster than it ever has before- girls are dropping like flies. It seems as though more and more leave each week. My hope is that he ends up with Tenley- she seems really genuine and sweet and they look adorable together! Or maybe I just want him to end up with any of the girls so long as it's not Vienna...

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